West Markham (Markham Clinton)
All Saints


The churchyard is approximately circular in shape, though truncated on the east side by Parson Lane. The church is set slightly south of centre within this space, and there are extensive grave-markers to the south. The area to the north has probably been cleared of markers. The churchyard is bounded by mature trees and hedges on all sides, by roads to the south, east, and west, and by agricultural land to the north.

Grave of William Minnit
(died 1726)
Grave of John Minnit
(died 1758)

Four of the gravestones, lying to the south of the church, are separately listed grade II. They are to William, Mary and William Minnit and John Minute who died 1726, 1725, 1751, and 1758 respectively. They have salutary epitaphs. One upon the grave of William Minnit (1741) reads:

Ye men that Harpeth after wealth, As for my parts done myself
For to lay riches up in store, and labour'd hard for to Gain more
When cruel death seized me so fast I thought I'd gain'd enough at last
As for my wealth I say therefore, My will was to be kind to the Poor.
A whilst your Poseing thus of me; think of the glass that runs for thee.

This is surmounted by a sketch of an hourglass.

The second epitaph is of a member of the same family, 1758.

With toylsom Day and Ancious Night,
To gain great wealth was my delight.

But Death o'er took me and ye summon: gave
And sent my body for to rest in Grave.
Defer your judgement on what I have done
For judgement Day is Comeing on.

To 14 Benefactors I have left my store
and £20 unto West Markham Poor.