St Mary Magdalene


There are three bells, dated 1586, 1606, and 1809.

  Inscription   Size Weight

J Harrison Founder : Thomas Kirkland & Richard Brook Churchwardens, 1809

James III Harrison 35.50" 8-1-8

I sweetly tolling men do call to taste on meats that feeds the sole 1606

Henry II Oldfield 38.25" 9-0-25

Ut tuba sic sonitu Domini condues Cohortis 1586

Henry I Oldfield 42.38" 12-2-2

The treble is James III Harrison of Barton on Humber, Lincolnshire, the second is by Henry II Oldfield, and the tenor is by his father Henry I Oldfield.

The bells are hung in a low-sided, cast-iron frame by Taylors of Loughborough, dating from 1927 when they were rehung.