Stanford on Soar St John the Baptist


The organ was originally built by Henry Willis in 1895, and installed as part of the major restoration of the church. At the time it cost £328.

It was cleaned in 1910 by Willis, and again in 1990 by A Cragg of Beeston.

It is still in its original condition.


The stops, couplers, etc. are as follows:

  Pedal   Bourdon   16'    
  Great   Open Diapason   8'    
      Dulciana   8'    
      Claribel Flute   8'    
      Principal   4'    
      Fifteenth   2'    
  Swell   Open Diapason   8'   common bass
      Lieblich Gedact   8'  
      Gemshorn   4'    
      Cornopean   8'    
  Couplers:   Swell to Great        
      Swell to Pedal        
      Great to Pedal        
  2 composition pedals to Great and Pedal
  Hitch down swell pedal
  Blowing: Electric.
Hand blowing still functional

More information on the organ is available on the National Pipe Organ Register website.