Stanford on Soar St John the Baptist

List of Incumbents

Inducted Rector Patron Comments
26/10/1268 Robert de Gloucester Walter Grey,Archbishop of York  
27/8/1274 William de Hotot Hugh de Stanford Resigned
19/81274 William Bigge Hugh de Stanford Resigned
20/6/1280 John de Normanton Hugh de Stanford & William Begge  
17/7/1305 Robert de Loughborough Sir Robert Clifford,Knight Resigned
1354 Adam de Rothley    
11/12/1361 Nicholas de Sutton Johanna Bigge Died at Stanford
19/11/1368 John de Barrow on Soar    
15/1/1380 Geoffrey Simon de Dresham Robert de Swellington  
  Henry Foxe   Resigned
19/12/1412 John Clyff    
10/7/1423 John Loudham Sir John Bartran & Johanna,his wife Died at Stanford
9/8/1439 Robert Orme Sir John Bartran & Johanna,his wife Resigned
25/7/1467 William Buxstede Sir John Bartran of Newcastle Buried in chancel
25/3/1506 Ralph Podram King Henry VII Died at Stanford
28/8/1508 John Wignall Grace, relict of Richard Illingworth Resigned
11/6/1513 Robert Hedworth Grace, relict of Richard Illingworth Buried at Stanford
10/9/1532 Robert Sacheverell John Kynston & others  
15/6/1536 Oliver Columbell   Deprived
15/10/1554 Elizeus Umfrey Thomas Kneveton  
23/4/1572 John Draxe Robert Raynes Died at Stanford
8/6/1615 Nicholas Clarke, MA King James I  
18/1/1630 William Saxeson   Died at Stanford
7/10/1640 Richard Walker, MA Henry Skipworth  
Civil War Thomas Fould Incumbent during Civil War  
15/1/1662 John Price Thomas Lewes Buried 12/5/1665
8/11/1665 Robert Lewes Thomas Lewes Died 13/4/1686
30/9/1686 Francis Thwaytes, MA Thomas Lewes Died 24/8/1721
8/8/1722 Henry Woods, MA Francis Lewes Died 24/3/1755
14/4/1755 Richard Alleyne Charles Lewes Died 12/11/1767
2/3/1768 Thomas Hurst Samuel Phillipps of Garenton Resigned
26/1/1771 Francis Ward Samuel Phillipps of Garenton Resigned
29/4/1775 Thomas Hurst, LL.B Samuel Phillipps of Garenton Resigned
27/6/1800 Samuel Francis Dashwood Samuel Phillipps of Garenton Died 18/9/1826
21/12/1826 John Chancourt Giradot Samuel Vere Dashwood  
15/6/1829 Samuel Vere Dashwood Samuel Vere Dashwood Died 10/11/1876
12/1/1877 Robert Lewes Dashwood Edith,wd & Charles Lewis Dashwood Resigned
29/4/1881 George Horatio Davenport Edith,wd & Charles Lewis Dashwood  
1887 Casper Lewis Vashin Baker Edith,wd & Charles Lewis Dashwood Buried 4/6/1919
1920 Samuel Rhys Williams Richard Ratcliff  
1926 Charles Whitmore Ford MA Miss Ratcliff Buried 4/6/1930
1930 Sidney Herbert Cartwright Sir Julian Cahn  
1933 William Arthur Briggs Sir Julian Cahn  
1945 Vacant from July 30th Cooperative Union  
1952 John Roberts MA,TCD Cooperative Union Buried 24/7/1972
1963 Frederick John Legge Cooperative Union Rector East Leake
1984 Stephen John Smith Southwell Diocesan Board of Patronage Rector East Leake
1999 Glynis C Hetherington Southwell Diocesan Board of Patronage Benefice Rector