Sneinton St Cyprian

War Memorial

The War Memorial

The War memorial which is located in the northwest corner of the church is a rectangular brass plate with and surmounted by an arched top. A crown motif is raised within the arch backed by a sunray design. Below this is the wording:

To the Glory of God
and in Grateful memory
of those who gave their
lives for King and Country
in the Great War 1914-1919

The inscription at the foot of the plate reads:

Grant them O Lord eternal rest and
let light perpetual shine upon them

Eighty one names are recorded. Only one initial and the surname is generally listed. No rank, service numbers or regiments are included.

Every name has now been researched, and details are recorded here where it has been thought correct to do so. In instances where no positive relationship to the parish was established the record has been left open. If more than one possible identification has been found it has been highlighted by the use of italics.

Name   Rank   Date of Death   Regiment
Harry R. Allsopp   Private   17-11-1917   Royal Scots
William Appleton   Private   20-8-1918   Kings Own Royal Lancaster Reg
Charles W Bakewell   Private   2-6-1916   17th Sherwood Foresters
Bertram W Bacon   Private   22-8-1915   South Notts Hussars
James H Bacon   Private   3-9-1916   17th Sherwood Foresters
Samuel Bilbie   L-Corp   27-10-1918   Yorkshire Regiment
Henry C Bradbury   Private   27-10-1918   Kings Own Yorks Light Infantry
C Burton   Rifleman   25-7-1916   Kings Rifle Corps
George A Burton   Private   01-03-1917   Lancashire Fusiliers
W. Burton            
C Butcher            
Francis C Butcher   Rifleman   10-5-1915   Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Fred Carder   Private   26-9-1917   7th Sherwood Foresters
L Clark            
Arthur Clifford   Private   14-10-1918   London Regiment
E G Cole   Private   5-10-1915   2nd Sherwood Foresters
T Conroy            
George W Cox   Private   11-11-1915   7th Sherwood Foresters
D Craig            
Alec W Daniel   Sergeant   13-10-1915   1st/7th Sherwood Foresters
Charlie Darker   Corporal   30-9-1916   South Notts Hussars
Myer Dessaur   Private   5-2-1916   9th Sherwood Foresters
A J Duke   Private   11-11-1919   1st/7th Sherwood Foresters
George E Duke   L-Corp   1-7-1916   7th Sherwood Foresters
John Edge   Private   14-6-1918   Army Service Corps
George W Elston   Private   28-7-1916   Northumberland Fusiliers
L Etches   Private   11-4-1916   17th Sherwood Foresters
E Farnsworth   Private       Sherwood Foresters
George Foster   Private   2-3-1915   1st Sherwood Foresters
John Goode   Corporal   3-5-1917   Kings Royal Rifles
Henry M Hallam   Private   26-8-1917   15th Sherwood Foresters
W Handley   Private   20-10-1914   2nd Sherwood Foresters
George J Hayes   Gunner   16-9-1916   Royal Field Artillery
H H Hodges M.M.   Private   11-40-1918   2nd-7th Sherwood Foresters
John H Humphrey   Private   11-4-1918   Northumberland Fusiliers
J Hyde   Private   3-9-1916   17th Sherwood Foresters
W Hyde   Sergeant   25-3-1916   5th Sherwood Foresters
H S Jefford   L-Corporal   1-8-1916   Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Wallace S Judge   Sapper   23-9-1917   Royal Engineers
A Knight            
Albert G King   Private   8-7-1917   Kings Own Yorks Light Infantry
H Lane           3 possibilities
F Leaper   Private   30-11-1917   Labour Corps
H Leavesley   Private   26-9-1916   9th Sherwood Foresters
A Lees   Private   7-10-1916   16th Sherwood Foresters
A Love            
H Martin           4 possibilities
Arthur Marshall   C.S.M.   15-4-1916   10th Sherwood Foresters
Ernest S Mason   Gunner   13-4-1918   Royal Field Artillery
S Matthews            
F Mellor            
W Miller           2 possibilities
Albert A Moran   Corporal   17-4-1915   Northumberland Fusiliers
Tom Moran   Sub-Conductor   2-7-1915   Indian Ordnance Depot
Henry Mosely   Corporal   3-10-1918   1st Sherwood Foresters
H Palmer            
Alfred Parr   Sergeant   9-4-1918   Highland Light Infantry
A Potts            
G Read            
John W Richmond   Private   9-8-1915   2nd Sherwood Foresters
Richard H Robinson   Rifleman   7-6-1917   Kings Royal Rifle Corps
A Roe   Sergeant   17-6-1916   12th Sherwood Foresters
F Sansom            
H Simpkin   Corporal   29-9-1917   2nd-8th Sherwood Foresters
Henry Slate   Sergeant   28-8-1918   1st Sherwood Foresters
H Smith           2 possibilities
J Smith            
Thomas Soles   Stoker   9-11-1918   HMS Britannia
T H Stringer   Corporal   29-9-1918   Sherwood Foresters
James Swinscoe   Private   01-07 1916   11th Sherwood Foresters
James A Tacey   Private   21-03 1918   2nd-7th Sherwood Foresters
O Thomas            
H Tipping            
Alfred Ward   Private   1-7-1917   1st-5th Sherwood Foresters
Alfred Wheatley   Private   20-10-1914   2nd Sherwood Foresters
Joseph L Winn   Private   5-7-1917   West Yorkshire Regiment
C Wood   Private   27-05 1918   Yorkshire Regiment
Arthur Woodward   Private   25-3-1918   1st Sherwood Foresters
J Woodward           2 possibilities
Alfred E Thorpe   Corporal   23-19-1918   Leicestershire Regiment
C Hicks