St Peter


The church is built largely of thinly coursed local skerry, ie a very fine-grained, dolomitic sandstone (off-white to buff coloured) from the Triassic, Mercia Mudstone Group. The church stands on a series of such skerry bands. The sandstone is a little coarser in grain size than some others in the area, eg at East Bridgford and Syerston, and has a weaker dolomite (Magnesium carbonate) cement making it softer and more friable.

Buff coloured oolitic and shelly Lincolnshire Limestone has been used for the carved work e.g. window and door mouldings and on the buttresses. Occasional blocks of grey, lower Jurassic (Lias) limestone have been used as replacements in the tower.

Inside, the visible stonework is quite similar. The large alabaster monument, made from gypsum from the Mercia Mudstone Group at Chellaston, is spectacular.

Particular thanks to Dr Graham Lott for preparing this entry