Sibthorpe St Peter


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Nottinghamshire County Council

Listing 2/150 Church of St Peter, Sibthorpe

Monument Reports Nos:

M1443   College of Secular Priests, Sibthorpe
M1444   The Church of St Peter, Sibthorpe
M1445   Shifted Village, Sibthorpe

Nottinghamshire Archives Offive

PR 16095 Register of Services 1817-57

PR 16096 Minutes Annual Parochial Church Meetings & Parochial Church Council Meetings 1933-76

PR 758 Vestry Minute Book 1857-33

PR 1946 Account Book 1804-1947

MR 8/145 Writing of Declaration. Wesleyan Itinerant Bethal Chapel 1844

DD 1702/3/173/1-2 “Review” Press cutting – Wesleyan Chapel (undated)

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Records in Parochial Custody 3.7.1979

Surtees Society

Calendar of Patent Rolls 1324 – 1351 PRO

Portland Estate Papers

DDP8/145 Letters Patent.1545
DDP8 158 Pension receipt 1603
DD4P 22/315 Trust 1606-7
DDP8 163 Writ 1616
DD4P 52/202 Lease of manor 1624
DPP8 135/2. Lease 1660
DDP8 185 Order in Parliament 1661-2
DD3P 12/8f Receipt from incumbent 1770
DDP8 143 Lease 1722-3
DD4P Right of presentation 1864

Lincolnshire Archives Office

Libri Cleri LIIIA & LV

Administrative Records of Bishops of Lincoln, Bishop John Kaye 1827-1853

English Heritage National Monument Record


NBR B45/1459 F E Howard (date unknown)

B44/1361 JA Gouch (1910)

BB48/1273, 1274, 1275, 1276 M W Barley (1948)

AA52/1059, 1086, 1087, 1088, 1090, 1091,1092, 1093, 1094, 1095, 1096, 1097, 1098. 1099, 1100, 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104, 1105, 1106, 1107, 1108 F.J. Palmer (1951)

BB68/1719, 1720 B. Clayton (1968)

University of Nottingham

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Records of the Archdeaconry of Nottingham

AN/PV 374 & 375   Parochial Visitation Books 1718-1736
AN/CL 171-174   Call Books
AN/EX 199/2   Exhibit Books
AN/D/1   Declarations

Portland Collection


GB 159 NUL   Pw2 Hy216   Petition 1661
    P1 C 1/47   Letter re Rents 1715
    P1 E12/8/9/1-4   Land leases 1720
    P1 F3/2/3   Marriage settlement 1715
    P1 F3/11-15   Mortgage 1723
    P1 F3/3/40   Assignment of mortgage 1727
    P1 F3/3/41   Settlement of estate 1737-8
    P1 F3/3/55-6   Assignment of mortgage 1751-3
    P1 F3/3/59   Assignment of mortgage 1757
    P1 F5/9/15   Partial mortgage redemption 1789
    P1 F5/9/46   Partial mortgage redemption 1789
    P1 F5/9/48   Assignment of mortgage to Duke of Portland’s estates 1790
    E12 6/1/9-10   Land sales 1918
    E12 6/1/12-13   Land sales 1918-19
    E12 6/1/16/1-14   Land sales & catalogue 1919

Churchwarden & Other Sources

Pamela Sheingorn. The Easter Sepulchre in England. 1987

Pastoral Measure 1968

Facsimile. Letter Magnus to Wolsey 1530

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Excavation report. Harry James 1991

Parochial Church Council Minute Book 1917-32

Parochial Church Council Minute Book 1976-89

The story of Hawton Church. John Quarrell 1994

Log book of restorations 1961-87