St Peter


Pipe Organ

The pipe organ came from Tonbridge School and was built by Paul Hale, formerly music teacher there and currently Organist and Rector Chori at Southwell Minster, who writes:

The instrument is by George Maidwell Holditch circa 1875 and started off life as a two-manual and pedal organ in Midhurst church Sussex. Bought for Tonbridge School (Music Department) in 1972 it was semi-installed and then re-built as a one-manual organ in 1977 by Paul Hale who was on the staff there 1975-1982.

By happy chance it came on the market again just when Sibthorpe needed an organ, so they bought it and had it installed. The panelling was adapted and Tonbridge retained the front-opening doors which had marvellous carvings in oak by the Tonbridge Art Master.

New front doors were fitted in 2003.

A small plate on the left side states:

G.R. Holditch c1850
P. R. Hale 1977
Stop list:
Stopped diapson   8'
Principal   4'
Open flute   4'
Fifteenth   2'
Recorder   2'
Quint   1⅓'
Octave   1'
Sesquialtera   II

Discus blower and wind system: new 1980

Case dimensions:

Width: 2.301m, depth: 0.760m, height: 3.220m.

A notebook records the last date tuned by Ward & Shutt: 5.9.1997. The organ has been tuned more recently by a local tuner.

The organ is used only at Christmas and for weddings and funerals, providing an organist is available from outside the parish.

Particular thanks to Paul Hale for information on this entry.

Reed Organ

A small single-manual reed organ placed in the south side of the Chancel.

The Restoration Book records the gift in 1971 of a second hand harmonium bequeathed in the will of Miss Watts of Elston.


Estey Organ Co. Brattleboro, Vermont, USA. Serial No 783/1249

Stop list:
Bass coupler    
Sub Bass   16'
Diapason   8'
Dulciana   8'
? (Identification label missing)
Vox Humana    
Dulciana   8'
Diapson   8'
Vox Jubilante   8'
Treble coupler    
Width   1.100m
Height   0.990m
Depth   1.520m

Converted to electricity from pedal power by an external electric blower unit.

A reed organ first appears in the Parish Account Book in 1906/7. It was then the legal property of the executors of the late Mrs Fox, and a legal expense of 10/6d was noted. A rent of 1d a year continued at least to 1947. An organist was usually paid £5 p.a., but varied from £1 4s to £5 16s p.a. It was tuned twice a year in the early years at 5/- a time, rising to 6/- from 1922 after which once in 1933 (new reed) and 1937 at 10/6d a time.

The pipe organ The reed organ