Scrooby St Wilfrid


Archival Sources

University of Nottingham Manuscripts and Special Collections

AN/PB 292/7/46

AN/PB 294/2/208

AN/PB 299/245

Published Sources

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Online resources

Nottingham Central Library, Local Studies Centre

Card index

L90 Bailey

Ald. Mellors Paper 1

Leach’s Southwell Visitations

Torre MSS

Cox’s Churches of Nottingham (180)

Henry VI (blue)

Henry VII

Elizabeth I

James I

Willim IV

George III


Scrooby Church (1804)

Woods Nottinghamshire

Brown’s Nottinghamshire

Firth’s Highways and Byways of Nottinghamshire

Brown’s Pilgrim Fathers

Parish and Church of S. Wilfrid Scrooby