Screveton St Wilfrid


There are three bells, hung in a high-sided Elphick ‘V’, Pickford Group 6.B. wooden frame.

The frame has been tree-ring dated and analysis indicates two felling dates of 1622 and 1624. This accords with the historical description of the rebuilding of the belfry in the churchwardens' presentations between 1620-1626. The report on the dendrochronological analysis of the bellframe timbers is available for download.

1st – given by Richard Hall, dated 1639, inscribed EXDONI RICARDVS HALL, followed by the mark of George I Oldfield, with cross, crescent, and star.

2nd – inscribed Celorum xti placeat tibi rex sonus istu, with the founder’s mark of Mellours over the cross and the word itsu. This is probably by Robert Mellours, casting c.1472-1508.

3rd –blank. This bell appears to be of 18th century date; it does not match any of the productions of the Nottingham foundry.

Various sources refer to a small sacring bell, 2/16” diameter and 3½” long.