Rempstone All Saints


West gallery, showing
the organ

The organ was installed in 1903 by Norman & Beard of Norwich. Although it has their engraving on the stop knobs and some N&B pipe-work within it, it is clearly made up from an earlier, 19th century organ.

A transcript from the order book of Norman and Beard gives the specification and certain other details:

GREAT ORGAN CC to G (56 notes)
  1 Open Diapason   8 feet metal            56 pipes  
  2 Claribel Flute 8 feet wood 56 pipes  
  3 Echo Dulciana 8 feet metal 44 pipes Grooved Bass
  4 Lieblich Flute 4 feet metal 56 pipes  
SWELL ORGAN CC to G (56 notes)
  5 Leiblich Gedact 8 feet wood-metal 56 pipes  
  6 Echo Gamba 8 feet metal 44 pipes Grooved Bass
  7 Oboe 8 feet metal 44 pipes Tenor C    
PEDAL ORGAN CCC to F (30 notes)
  8 Bourdon 16 feet   wood 30 pipes  
  9 Swell to Great     2 composition pedals to Great
  10 Swell to Pedal     2 composition pedals to Swell
  11   Great to Pedal     Swell Pedal

Tracker action to Manuals: tubular-pneumatic to pedals
External casework to be of pine.
Straight and concave pedalboard.
Front pipes stout v.m.zinc, left bright.
Certain good secondhand materials to be incorporated.

Structural alterations (if any) not included in this estimate.
Date of completion:- Early in April 1910
Price:- £150. Terms of payment:- £75 on delivery. £75 when ready for use.
Mrs Carr, Rempstone Hall, Loughborough, Leicestershire.