Rempstone All Saints

List of Incumbents

List of Rectors in the Church

Rectors of Rempstone

Name Instituted
Edward Bell 7 February 1748/9
Edward Pearson DD 1 November 1796
Thomas Hoskins BD 17 October 1811
Richard Newton Adams DD 18 December 1839
George Pope MA 2 July 1867
John Rhode Hughes 30 September 1893
Edward Thomas Hartley 18 March 1907
Cyril Claude Lambert 26 July 1923
Percy Livingstone Dickson 22 December 1935
Harold Curling Dunn 21 May 1943
Victor Sidney William Mitchell 20 May 1955

Rectors of East Leake

(also with responsibility for Rempstone - priests in charge from 1970 to 1992, rectors of the united benefice from 1992 to the present)
Name Dates
Frederick John Legge Jan 1970-Sep 1976
David Walter Skyrme James Jan 1977-Jan  1984
Stephen John Smith Jun 1984-May 1997
Glynis Catherine Hetherington 1999-

Notes about some of the Rectors

Edward Pearson

He was born at Norwich 7 November 1756 descending from a collateral branch of Dr John Dawson, Bishop of Chester. His father, a wool-comber, was the son of a clergyman. In 1778 he was a sizar at Sidney Sussex College proceeding to a BA degree in 1782. In the previous year he had been appointed curate of Passenham, Northants and shortly afterwards was ordained. As soon as the statutes allowed he was made a fellow of the college and after serving various curacies became a tutor obtaining his MA degree in 1785. Pearson published pamphlets giving Three plain reasons against separating from the established Church and carrying An Admonition against Lay-Preaching. So conscious was he of the Church of England’s ‘perpetual danger of being assailed or undermined’ by nonconformist sects that in 1806 he drew up proposals for the establishment of a new chair at Cambridge, ‘A Ritual Professorship of Divinity’ whose holder would train potential clergymen in the ‘performance of ecclesiastical duties.’ Despite the enthusiastic approval received from the future prime minister, Spencer Perceval, it was rejected by the University as being ‘too technical and mechanical for the dignity of a professorship.’ His writings had brought him to the attention of Perceval when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer and he was often consulted by him on religious matters. When Perceval became premier he informed Pearson that that he would be nominated to the next available bishopric but he died before he could be rewarded.

Thomas Hoskins

Thomas Hoskins BD was aged 17 when he was admitted as a pensioner at Peterhouse College, Cambridge on 22 June 1790 where he obtained BA and MA degrees. On 21 January 1801 he migrated to Sydney. Returning few years later he became a fellow of Sidney Sussex, with a BD in 1808. He was instituted rector of Rempstone on 17 October 1811, and was a pluralist when he was made vicar of Basford 1818-39. The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Act Book entry dated 5 February 1818 stated that:

Thomas Hosking, Clerk BD of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge being already possessed of the Rectory of Rempstone in the County of Nottingham and Diocese of York valued at £13-2-6, the yearly value about Five Hundred pounds and being presented to the Vicarage of Basford in the same County and Diocese valued at £8-17-7 the reputed yearly value being Two Hundred and Fifty pounds or thereabouts and distant from each other not more than fourteen miles petitioned his Grace for a Dispensation to enable him to hold the said Benefice which was granted by the usual order.

Richard Newton Adams

At Sidney Sussex College he was 7th wrangler gaining a BA in 1814, MA 1817, BD 1824 and DD in 1830. He became a deacon in 1815 and was made a priest by the Bishop of Norwich in 1816. He was the author of Commencement Sermon at Cambridge 1830 and The Opening of the sealed book of the Apocalypse shown to be a symbol of a future republication of the Old Testament 1838. This cost 8s 6d. Also a Sermon at Rempstone 1840, Visitation Sermon at Nottingham 1840, The Jewish Missionary, 1849 and Letters to the Archbishop of Canterbury 1850.

George Pope

Pope took his BA and Natural Science Tripos in 1853 and MA 1856. He became a priest at Ely in 1856, then a mathematics master at Norwich Grammar School, and professor of mathematics at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, becoming assistant master at St John’s College, Hurstpierpont 1861-64. He was author of A Class Book on Elementary Chemistry, Stanford, 1864.

John Rhode Hughes

Lately scholar and exhibitioner of Sidney Sussex College, gaining his MA in 1875. He was deacon in 1872 and priest, 1873. From 1872-84 he was curate of All Saints, Cheltenham and rector of Greenhithe, Kent 1884-93.

Edward Thomas Hartley

Educated at Sidney Sussex College where he graduated MA. He became deacon in 1898 and a priest at Ripon in 1900 serving as curate of Skipton in Craven 1898-1907 before being instituted on 18 March 1907 to the living at Rempstone.

Cyril Claude Lambert

MA. He had attended Leeds Clerical School 1909 becoming a deacon in 1911 and priest at Ripon in 1912. Formerly he had held a number of curacies which included Edwinstowe with Clipstone and Carburton 1914-16.

Percy Livingstone Dickson

Curate of Selston (in charge of St Michael All Angels Underwood) 1924-5. He had permission to officiate at Huyton (in charge of St Gabriel) 1920-7 and was headmaster of St Ives Grammar School, Huntingdonshire 1927-8. He was vicar of Belton, Leicestershire 1932-5. In 1943 moved to Norwell where he stayed until 1949, then he became a licensed preacher from 1950-56 in the Diocese of Southwell. From 1956 he had permission to officiate in the Diocese of Sarum, Salisbury, where he then resided.

Harold Curling Dunn

Attended Sidney Sussex College gaining a BA 1908, MA 1912. He was a deacon in 1908 and priest at St John’s, Port Arthur, Ontario in 1910 becoming a missionary in Canada. Following a year as domestic chaplain to the bishop of Quebec and Edmonton, Quebec Diocese 1913-14 he returned to missionary work at Kingsey in the province of Quebec for the next four years when he went to Honduras serving at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Tela, from 1918-22 before returning to England. He was rector of Quarley 1923-30, Northill in the diocese of St Albans 1930-43.

Victor Sidney William Mitchell

Attended the Moore Theological College Sydney, 1923 and in 1928 was an Australian College of Theology, Theological Licentiate, becoming a priest at Sydney in the same year. In 1929 he became a missionary for the Bush Church Aid Society for Australia and Tasmania and Victoria (Secretary, 1930-32). On coming to England he obtained a Licentiate to Officiate, from the Diocese of Liverpool, 1932-36 and was Vicar of Constable Lee from 1926-39. Moving to Nottingham he was at St Saviour’s from 1939-55.