All Saints



The church windows in the nave are named with five saints, St Patrick, St Andrew, St Peter, St George and St David. They were replaced in 1986 with their design kept as closely as possible to the originals with the retention of the coloured motifs. The cost was met by parishioners sponsoring as little as a pane or as much as a whole window.

Three of the nave windows

East End

There are three stained glass windows behind the altar. The centre panel of the left window symbolises St Peter, similarly on the right it represents All Saints. In both cases the panels are surrounded by smaller panels of plain glass.

In the centre is a memorial window.

The St Peter
Detail of
the window

St Peter Window

As he felt that he was unworthy to die in the same way as Christ, St Peter asked that that he be crucified on an inverted cross and thus he might gaze towards heaven.

The design is a gold inverted cross, silver keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, all on a red field.

Made by Harlequin Stained Glass, Nottingham.

All Saints WindowAll Saints Window

The gold crown refers to sanctity, the gold scrolls with red inscription SANCTUS allude to the chant of Holy, Holy, Holy, of the redeemed. The left half of the field in silver indicates the brightness of Heavenly life contrasting to black on the right half indicating the trials of earthly life.

Made by Harlequin Stained Glass, Nottingham.

This window, along with the St Peter Window, were donated in memory of Ellen Cramp, and a plaque nearby reads:

The Apex stained glass panels
Were donated in memory of
Headteacher Rempstone School (1918-41)
By W. Buchanan B.Sc(Min),BSc(Eng)
One of her grateful pupils
And were dedicated on October 2nd 1994
By Rev J. Smith Rural Dean West Bingham

Memorial WindowMemorial Window

The fine memorial window, the gift of the Buchanan family, is in memory of Nancy Buchanan. The window was consecrated by the Archdeacon of Nottingham on 18 February 1990.

At the bottom can be seen water and rushes alluding to the old church, St Peter in the Rushes. The middle section depicts the five saints spiritually moving the old church to the new site. The nodding donkey in the upper pane depicts the discovery of oil in Rempstone parish. Rising above the church is the dove of peace. Around the window the green represents the Wolds and at the top, the forest of Charnwood.

A plaque accompanying the window reads:

The East Window was donated in memory of
Nancy Buchanan (1914-1988)
By her family
And dedicated by the
Archdeacon of Nottingham
The Ven Clive Handford
18th February 1990

Made by Michael Stokes.