Rempstone All Saints

Features and Fittings

The altar
(with the 18th Century
font next to it)
The altar rail

Altar and Altar rail

There is a small altar placed in the apse covered with an altar cloth on the centre of which is a freestanding cross. The altar rails were originally in the old church of St Peter in the Rushes, most probably the altar rails that were installed when it was recorded that none were to be found at Easter 1635.

The new altar rail was made by a member of the church, Brian Crump, in memory of Robert Sharp, a churchwarden for some years.

Font near
the entrance


At some time prior to May 1936 the font from the old church was found on Grange Farm where it was in use as a water trough. It was reclaimed and renovated by re-cutting the stonework. The bowl from the 18th century font was placed inside. It now stands inside the new church near the entrance.

Cox described the church as ‘cheaply built’ with the ‘furniture of church as mean as fabric, save that ironwork supporting small marble basin, serving as a font, is well wrought and of effective design.’ This atypical font has now been placed close to the left side of the altar

Litany desk

A faculty was obtained on 3 January 1945 for an oak litany desk to be placed in the church. It is next to the pulpit. An inscription is engraved on one of the rails:

In loving memory of George Wooton Hibert
Feb 29th 1944. For 37 years Church Warden
of this Parish. R.I.P.
The west gallery

Singing gallery

On the face of the west gallery there is a series of unusual carved wood panels in memory of the Rev F T Hartley, with the Royal Arms of 1770, prior to the Union of Ireland, as a centre piece. Originally the Royal Arms were at the east end of the nave together with the Creed, Lord’s Prayer and Decalogue, according to Godfrey.

The panels were made by Dorothy Hartley daughter of the Rev Edward Tomson-Hartley, over a period of years, both during her father’s incumbency and afterwards. After her parent’s death Dorothy spent the rest of her life living near Llangollen but would return to visit Rempstone when another decorated panel had been completed. Dorothy was an art student but later became a well-known author on books on country life and a very popular book on cookery.

Book of Remembrance Case

This was made by Brian Crump to hold a Book of Remembrance for those whose cremated remains are interred in the churchyard. A plaque reads:

Presented by
William Buchanan
on the occasion of
his 80th birthday
November 25th 2003


The pulpit, showing also
altar rails from
the old church

Royal Coat of Arms

Royal Coat of Arms
in the balcony

Parish Registers

The first parish register from 1570-1735 relates to the old church. The second register purchased for 16s 6d in 1736 contains baptisms and burials from 1736-1812. It has 48 leaves of parchment, the last 12 blank and is bound in vellum. The marriage entries are irregular there being only one in 1778 between 1754 and 1797, after this date they are entered regularly. The omissions are entered in the next register of marriages and banns from 1754-1812.

There is also a register with marriages from 1783-1794 and baptisms and burials from 1783-89. Another register has marriages from 1813-1837. There is a register of baptisms from 1813-93. Subsequent registers are in conformity with the Acts.