Ratcliffe on Soar Holy Trinity


The organ is situated to the west of the north aisle having been removed from the north chapel in 1973.

Although little early history is known for certain about the organ it probably dates from earlier than 1860, and it appears from its specification to have survived with little alteration since that time. It was purchased in March 1936 from Kingston on Soar. The church paid £14.1.0 after a house to house collection and £15.0.0 later in the year. It was hand pumped and William Akers was paid 15 shillings per year as organ blower. An elderly resident remembers that as a young person she often pumped the organ for Mrs Orme who was the organist and village schoolmistress. An electric blower was fitted to the organ in 1946 by Wragg the organ builders.

The specification is as follows:

Lieblich Bourdon   16'
Open Diapason Bass   8'
Open Diapason Treble   8'
Principal   4'
Dulciana   8'
Stop Diapason Bass   8'
Stop Diapason Treble   8'
Flute Bass   4'
Flute Treble   4'
Viol di Gamba Treble   8'