Ranskill St Barnabas



Chancel east window: triple lancet with central Crucifixion scene and the Blessed Virgin Mary to the left, St John to the right. Below an inscription reads:

To the glory of God and in memory of Samuel and Elizabeth Pollit
by their daughters Ada, Elizabeth and Clara Pollit. 1907.


Nave west: three lancets with plain glass; three roundels above containing purple, green, red, and yellow quadrants, each with a white lozenge in the centre. 20th century. A brass plaque below the window reads:

In Memory of
Ronald Tudberry
Died June 16th 1998
Donated by his wife Joy


Lancet containing an image of Christ with two children, beneath an inscription reads :'Suffer little Children to come unto Me'; a dove and light rays are above. 20th century.

Lancet containing a depiction of St Ann in purple with the Blessed Virgin Mary as a Child in blue below. St Ann is holding a book with the words 'The Lord Himself shall give you a sign'. In the lower part of the window is an inscription within an architectural frame reading:

In loving memory of
Anne Louisa Durnford
born 23rd September 1862
died 1st April 1921.

There are memorial windows in the south nave wall in honour of those men from the villages of Ranskill and nearby Torworth who died in the First World War, Second World War and Korean War.

A single lancet showing St George, with red cape, drawing a sword. Below is inscribed:


Henry French

Wilfred Ash

Wm. Henry Hanson

William Bell

Donald H. King

Herbert L. Bullivant

John Lockwood

Arthur Wm.Denman

Percy C. Ottley

Single lancet with Union Jack and White Ensign flags in upper portion, sword between and inscribed 1914 -1919. At the base is the Royal coat-of-arms.

Inscribed in the main central area:

1914 - 1919

To the glory of God & in memory of the
men of Ranskill & Torworth who gave
their lives in the Great War these windows
were erected by their Fellow Parishioners.

These also served

H. R. Ring C.deG., M.M.,D.C.M.   H. State D.C.M.

Addlesee F.

Kitchen C. H.

Alcock H.

Knowles F.

Allen Rev. W.A.C.

Lane C.

Bacon R.

Lockwood C.

Barratt G.

Lockwood F.

Ball G.

Longbottom U.

Beevor J.I.

Malkin G.W.

Blunden E.O.

Marris F.

Booth G.

Marris G.

Booth J.J.

Marris H.

Bray E.

Marrison E.

Briggs F.C.

Marrison H.

Briggs R.

Marrison H.

Brocklesby W.

Marsh J.

Bullivant W.C.

Marshall G.R.

Bullivant W.

Newcombe C.

Burton A.

Newcombe L.

Burton W.

Newcombe M.

Butterick J.W.

Newcombe W.

Callow E.

Ottley E.E.

Chappel H.C.

Parkin G.W.

Choppin W.H.

Puxon E.F.M.

Dawson F.

Read J.W.

Dawson G.

Reunison J.

Elliott A.

Render J.

Empringham W.

Ring H.

Fithcett O.T.

Rose C.

Fox L.

Schofield G.W.

Gadsby H.

Schofield F.J.

Glasby G.H.

Sharpe A.

Glasby J.

Skinner R.

Haigh G.H.

Smith A.

Haigh T.

Smith F.

Hallam C.

Smith R.H.

Hanson H.

Spencer F.

Hanson J.

Stones F.

Hanson T.

Stubbings F.

Harlow L.

Stockdale H.

Harrison G.A.

Stockdale W.

Hattersley H.

Taylor F.

Hill J.V.M.

Taylor J.W.

Hill W.H.

Tinker A.

Hindmarsh D.

Tinker W.

Hindmarsh F.H.

Underwood J.A.H.

Hindmarsh I.V.

Walters G.

Hindmarsh J.W.

Walters J.

Hopkin G.

West J.C.

Hopkin H.

Wilson C.

Hurst G.W.

Wilson E.

King C.S.

Woodcock E.

Kipling A.

Woodhouse J.

Kitchen L.

Wright F.

Single lancet depicting St Martin, with blue cloak and drawing a sword.

Beneath is inscribed:


William Pedge


Sydney Smithson

Arthur Sharpe


Alfred Stones

Harrison Sledmore


Walter Tinker

Arthur Smith


Frederick Wilson

Also 1939-1945

Douglas Evans


George Pedge

F. Major Johnson


Gordon Smith

George Ronald Newcombe


Frederick Williams

Also 1951

Clarence Arthur Humphrey