St Barnabas


There is a small churchyard enclosing the building which, in 1899 was confined to very narrow boundaries around the church, measuring only 502 square metres. At a date subsequent to this, between 1958 and 1963, land has been acquired to the south side and the whole area now measures 775 square metres.

The boundary fronting the west side of the church is a low stone wall, probably contemporary, with iron gates located at the south-west corner of the church giving access to the churchyard and porch. The remainder of the west boundary to the south side is a cultivated hedge. This same hedge defines the southern boundary and returns along the east side until it reaches the church where it changes to a 20th century wooden fence. The fence reaches around and defines the north boundary. There is a single, small cultivated tree in the south-east corner of the churchyard. The church notice board is located to the south-west of the church and there is a simple, wooden cross close by; all 20th/21st century.

There are no burials.