Holy Rood



The church is made of stone. All the ashlars are carboniferous sandstone; they are in very good condition. The stone is from the Pennines, probably Derbyshire. Denison papers show stone being transported down the Trent for building at Ossington in 1782-4 but no specific quarry is mentioned, nor is it said particularly to be for the church.

The vestry extension is made of Carboniferous sandstone, probably Rotherham red.

The roof is slate. The south side made from Westmorland slates laid in diminishing courses; the north, east and west sides of blue grey Welsh slates.


The floor is made of York flags. The tomb cover dated 1710 is likely to have come from old church.

The Cartwright tomb is possibly made from imported limestone; it is fine ground clunch from the Upper Jurassic.

The Peckham tomb is Jurassic limestone above, probably from Ancaster, and clunch below.

The Cartwright memorials are made from imported white marble, probably from Northern Italy.

Viscount Ossington memorial is probably Connemara marble.

Thanks to Dr Graham Lott for his help with understanding the stonework.