Ossington Holy Rood


Unpublished sources


Egerton MS 3566B - enclosure of Wadnall field, 1844

Egerton Charters 3915-17, 4114, 4960-1, 4974, 5001, 5004, 5021, 5025 - various leases at Ossington, 1614 et seq.

Egerton Ch. 4621 - inquisition on death of Humphrey Roos, 1522

Harleian Charter, 44 E 21 - chapter of Hospitallers at Ossington, 1206

Topham Charter 14 - charter of Robert de Burun, early C13

CHURCH OF ENGLAND RECORDS, BERMONDSEY (consulted at Lambeth Palace Library)

EC 59794 - Correspondence and induction of priests, 1933-8


DD WW 1/7   charter of John son of John de Lekí, mentioning Henry, late Deacon of Ossington, late C13
PR 2775   Notes of Sale of Ossington Estate, with list of plate given in 1775
PR 2776   Notes on Ministers of Ossington; notes on Registers; Memorandum c. 1834
PR 2279   Church Wardens and Overseers Poor Book, C18
PR 11,062   List of Burials in vault, 1889
PR 11,063   plan of burials in Mausoleum, late C19
PR 11,065   George Cooper-Abbs explains his window, c. 1946
PR 11,078   extract from letters of William, archbishop of York, licensing new church, 19 Oct. 1784
PR 11,095   Plan of Pew Holders, 1802
PR 11,097   Notes on Snowdenís charity, 1829
PR 11,100   Book of Common Prayer (London 1745) given by George Cartwright to church


Denison Papers:
De B 14/1-2   sketch maps of Ossington fields, c. 1764
De B 17/1-2   Receipts and disbursements, 1768-85
De B 18/1-2   Memoranda Book, 1771-79
De B 19/1        Memoranda Book, c. 1760-1781
De B 20   Plan of Ossington parish, 1786
De B 23   Memoranda Book, 1786-9
De B 35-39   five plans and elevations of the Temple at Ossington, 1782-6
De H 45   Letters Book, 1777-9
De H 46   Letters Book, 1780-1
De H 47   Accounts of Executors of Robert Denison, 1788-9
De 2P 11-16   architectural plans, 1782-6
De 2P 160   plans of grounds of Ossington Hall, late C18
De 2P 161   new church shown in relation to Ossington House, post 1783
De 2P 163   church and mausoleum in relation to Ossington House, post 1783
De 2P 167   letter of Arthur Buckles to John Denison re Sundial, 1812
DL 384   Correspondence re Ossington Trust and Church of the Holy Name, 1912
Os C 4,5,13,
  letters relating to the tutorship of Charles Drury and friendship with Denisons, 1818-25

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