Ossington Holy Rood

List of Incumbents

The living is a perpetual donative that has been attached to the manor of Ossington from time immemorial. Very few priests are known when the manor was in the hands of the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem, and the list is incomplete before the beginning of the C18. The current patron is Mrs Pamela Goedhuis.

The Incumbents, as far as they are known

Date Name
c. 1180-1208 Geoffrey
c. 1220-30 Richard, chaplain
1275 Hugh de Napton
1587 Mr Alldye
1603-13 Thomas Tymble
-1656 Alexander Barlow
-1670 Nicholas Sykes
1676 R Fletcher
c. 1700 Snowden
1714-19 Robert Hallam
1746-9 C. Francis Fothergill
1749-58 Thomas Hewitt
1758-75 Robert J Clay Rousby
1776-8 H. Clark
1779-1821 John Charlesworth
Acting 1821-3 Charles Drury
1823-52 John Galland
1852-3 A Campbell
1853-6? Thomas Smith
1858-98 Enoch Trees
1898-1905 Robert C Jenner
1905-10 E C MacKenzie
1911-11 H G Hellier
1912-16 W J Jenkins
1916-21 Charles Collings Hoyle
1921-3 Ronald Arthur Frederick Pratt
1923-33 Arthur Stanley Ryder-Mitchell
1934-8 Ronald Frank Baker
1938-52 William Edward Lloyd-Jones
1952-4 Ronald Ragsdale Sargison
1955-62 John Harold Nelson Tomsen
1962-74 Kenneth George Thompson
1975-89 Billie James
1990-5 Robert Andrew Whittaker
1996-2004 Anthony Ian Tucker
2005- Sheila Dixon