Nottingham St Thomas


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Archives

PR 10,241   Register of Baptisms
DR 1/1/1/2/950   Faculty for Enlarging Vicarage House, 1899
DR 1/1/1/2/1244   Order in Council 18th November 1874 for the Assignment of a Consolidated Chapelry in the Church of St Thomas in the new Parish of St Matthew

Lincolnshire Archives

Consec 52   16th April 1873  

Date just prior to Consecration of St Thomas’ with description of the building

Also letter from Vicar of St Matthew’s querying whether he should sign certain deeds re the new church of St Thomas

COR.B7/1   16th September 1910   Letter written to Southwell Diocesan Registry to convey the Site and church of St Thomas for deposit
    6th October 1910   Various different dates given re St Thomas’:-
    18th April 1873   Agreement as to Patronage
    21st April 1873   Conveyance of church site
    1873   Petition for Consecration
    22nd April 1873   Sentence of Consecration

C of E Record Centre, Bermondsey

45371   Details of purchase, trustees, income, vicarage, Plan of District by Fothergill Watson, Letter from Ewan Christian proposing changes in design, etc

Other Sources

An Itinerary of Nottingham, Transactions of the Thoroton Society Vol. 34, 1930.

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Nottingham Guardian, 21st March 1922. A petition to oppose the closure of St Thomas’.
Nottingham Evening Post, 15th December 1925. Privy Council decides to close St Thomas’.
Nottingham Evening Post, 16th December 1925. Photograph of interior.
Nottingham Journal, 22nd September 1930. A start made on demolition.

Kelly’s Trade Directory of Nottinghamshire 1894, 1912 and 1922.

Southwell Diocesan Magazine DR 1/1/12/14/9 Vol. 9 (1896).
Southwell Diocesan Magazine DR 1/1/12/14/12 Vol. 12 (1899).
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