North Wheatley St Peter and St Paul

List of Incumbents


Date Name Patron
1294 Master J Clarell  
1312 John de Ditton (Dutton) The Crown
1315 Thomas de Shepeley Archbishop of York (by lapse)
  Thomas de Doncaster  
1349 John de Lound Phillip de Beauchamp
Warden of the Chapel of Tickhill
1369 John Denys as above
  Richard at Water  
1406/7 John de Thorp Richard Kyngeston
Warden of the Chapel of Tickhill
  Nicholas Harwood  
1445 William Harris Walter Shivynton
Warden of the Chapel of Tickhill
1445/6 John Helaw as above
  John Brooke Leonard Say
Warden of the Chapel of Tickhill
1486 Thomas Wherton as above
1501 Thomas Hartishall Crown as Duke of Lancaster
1518 Denis Baxter (alias West) Abbot and Convent of Westminster
1546 John Knowles Sir James Fuljambe knt
by grant from Abbot and Convent ofWestminster
1559 William Walton Godfrey Fuljame
1574 Thomas Bonyfonte Earl of Shrewsbury
1582/3 John Foldes as above
1617 Jeremy Stokdale MA Mary, Countess of Shrewsbury
1620/1 Thomas Beane Earl of Pembroke
1649 Francis Porter MA Marquis of Dorchester
1688 John Hill MA, DD by grant from Earl of Kingston
1710 Richard Tarbutt Sir Thomas Willoughby
1720 William Standfast Ox BA. Cam MA DD LLD Lord Middleton
1754 John Brailsford MA as above
1776 William Leybourne BA as above
1784 William Bristoe as above
1819 Francis Hewgill as above
1838 Charles Walter Hudson as above
1858 Percival George Willoughby as above
1868 Thomas Chamberlin Bigby Chamberlin as above
1908 Frank Whiworth Daniels MA as above
1940 Timothy Bright Jehu as above
1948 Iouan Merchant Williams BA as above
1956 William Basil Evans as above
1957 William Basil Evans as above
1972 John Ford as above
1979 Adrian Butt as above
1986 Anthony Reader-Moore MA, BA as above
1994 Michael Weston Briggs as above
2007 Mark James Cantrill as above