North Wheatley
St Peter and St Paul

Features and Fittings


The altar was designed by the Reverend Anthony Reader-Moore and Mr Harold Rickells, the latter the local craftsman making the altar. It was dedicated by the Bishop of Sherwood, Richard Derby in 1988.

The 17th century oak altar with carving remains in the church placed at the north end of the nave.

Altar rail

The oak altar rail is in memory of a North Wheatley family, the inscription carved into the wood reads:

To the glory of God and in memory of A F G and G A S Shinner

The gift of G F N Shinner 1963

The font


Lead-lined, stone Norman tub font. On the outer rim on opposite sides are two deep chipped out areas likely to have held the metal work to secure the lid.

Stone quern bowl

A stone quern bowl, once used for grinding corn, is fixed into the door recess of the once north door in the nave.


Medieval almery or aumbry recessed into the south nave wall. There is no record of a chapel in this area.


Timber pulpit, 1603, with round headed arcaded panels, reeded pilasters, pulvinated [cushion-shaped] friezes and strapwork. An inscription on the pulpit reads:

Wo to me except I preach the Gospel

It is dated 1604.

In 1611 the curate of North Wheatley – Rev Hugh Bromhead, preached his last sermon in England from this pulpit, before moving to Scrooby, to join the pilgrims on their first stage of their journey to Holland. It is evident by the church marriage records that not all the family left the area as there were seven marriages between 1627 and 1667. There were also five Bromhead marriages in St Helen’s Church, South Wheatley between 1628 and 1669.

Pews and pew bench ends

There are ten 15th century re-used bench ends with traceried panels and fleur-de-lys finials. The remaining are 20th century copies.

In order to provide an open area below the chancel steps to meet the changing needs of the church building, in 2008 an Faculty was approved for the Parochial Church Council to sell four Victorian pews at £100 each.

Choir stalls

Victorian; probably new when the chancel was rebuilt in 1824.

Bishop’s chair

Bishop’s Chair and Lectern

Presented by Mr A J Wright in 1907. These items were at one time in the British Ambassador’s Chapel in St Petersburg, Russia, but were considered ‘too high church’.

Parish chest

Parish Chest

A simple wooden plank oak chest with two locks located in the chancel.

The staircase
seen from the
tower floor
Within the

Ladder staircase

Within the tower there is a ladder staircase leading to the ringing chamber and giving access to the first floor. It is pre-19th century and probably dates from the late medieval period. The staircase is constructed of oak timbers, and made up of 28 roughly trimmed and quartered logs, secured with wooden pegs to two stout beams, one of which is around a metre at the top.

Vestry and Chancel Screens

Miss T Thornton and Miss P Margason, residents of North Wheatley provided funds for the screens. These were designed by Mr John Severn, church architect, and built and installed by Mr Harold Rickells. The glass screen with wooden arches fills in the area above the choir stalls to separate the vestry from the chancel. A similar design of screen separates the tower and nave but with large double doors. The screens were installed in 1997.


There are two, one modern oak and the other black oak, presented by the Revd F W J Daniels.

Benefaction Boards

Two benefaction boards, dated from 1660 to 1816, are mounted on the south wall of the tower.

Board one

1660 to 1816



The Rev’d A H John Hill, late Vicar of this Parish
gave a Silver Salver
Madam Catherine Porter gave a Silver Salver.


Mr Thomas James of Horncastle, to gave to the School
Annually 10 Shillings.

To the POOR

The Right Honourable, the Earl of Kingston, gave to
the Poor Annually Two Pounds. Now paid out of the
Estate at North Wheatley belonging to the Right Honourable
Lord Middleton.
Given for the sole use and behoof of the Poor of the
Parish of North Wheatley for ever, by, Madam Catherine
Porter of Islington, the Annual sum of One Pound, Payable
in each and every year out of the Estate lying and being
in North Wheatley aforesaid belonging to Mr Francis Wells.
Given for the use and behoof of the Poor of the Towns and
Parishes of North and South Wheatley for ever by Mr William
Spencer in the Year of our Lord 1720 all the Annual Rents and
Profits arising out and from that new Dwelling house together
with the Barn and other Outhouses, Orchard and Gardens and
other Appurlences thereto belonging. Situate and being at
North Wheatley aforesaid thereto belonging. Situate and being
at North Wheatley aforesaid. And also all the Annual Rents and
profits amasing out and from all these Three Half Acres of
Land lying and being dispersed in the three several fields of
North Wheatley, as described in the Surrender of the said
Mr William Spencer now lodged in the Church Chest. In the
following proportions that is to say. Two thirds of the said
Annual Rent or Profits to the Poor of North Wheatley. And
One Third to the Poor of South Wheatley

Board Two

1660 to 1816


To the POOR

Given for the sole Use and Behoof of the Poor of the
Parish of North Wheatley for ever. By Mr Benjamin James
in his last Will and Testament. All the Right Title and
Interest of and from all the Rents and Profits of
Eighteen Roods and a half of Arable Land lying
and being in the three several Fields of North Wheatley
aforesaid according to the Surrender of John Briggs and
Bridget his wife made in the Year 1726 and now
lodged in the Church Chest.

Left by Mr Job Sherratt his last Will and Testament
For the whole Use and Behoof of the Poor of the
Parish of North Wheatley for ever. The Interest or Annual
Profits of Fifty Pounds payable by his Executrix named
in his said Will. But Government having demanded Ten
PerCent as Legacy Duty has reduced the said Sum of
Fifty Pounds to Forty five Pounds.

March 1942

   Bequeathed by Hannah Baker to the Church-
Wardens for the time being of North Wheatley
Parish Church the sum of Two Hundred Pounds
upon trust to invest the same and retain the
Balance of the Income therefrom for the Benefit
of deserving parishioners of North and South

N.B. All the above Benefactions to the Poor are to be given
and distributed by the Minister and Churchwardens
for the time being, and other Inhabitants on
Saint Thomas’ Day every Year.

Joseph Stephenson Minister John Sherratt & Joseph Cambe

Candle holder and Prayer board

The candle holder is of wrought iron and will hold 16 votive candles. A brass plaque attached reads:





1916 1998


In 2006 a faculty was approved for the purchase of new carpet to replace several old runners. This covers the areas of concrete in the aisle and chancel and meets Health and Safety requirements. The cost was £4000.