North Muskham
St Wilfrid


The tower has limestone corners.

The base of the tower is of Ragstone (from Ancaster), then mercian mudstone (probably from Coddington) and the top section is skerry.

The window frames and buttresses are of Lincolnshire limestone (yellowish).

The nave window frames are made of Ancaster limestone (streaky bacon).

The chancel doorway os of Mansfield white sandstone.

The chancel buttresses have probably been repaired in Sherwood sandstone (Gedling?).

One small Charnwood slate tombstone, others Welsh slate.

The north nave wall is constructed of Middle Jurassic Lincolnshire sandstone.

The large tomb outside the chancel is of Mansfield red sandstone.

The north wall is made of Tuxford skerry.

Inside the arcade pillars are of Lincolnshire limestone.

The John Smith tomb is made of alabaster.

The tiles at the high altar are of Derbyshire limestone marble.

Notes made by Graham Lott, National Geological Survey, Keyworth on a visit to North Muskham Church on 20 July 2009.