Maplebeck St Radegund


The bells were re-hung and restored in 2008. The old three bell frame had decayed and has been replaced with a galvanised steel frame carrying four bells which are now rung full circle. Originally, due to the condition of the frame. they were only gently swing-chimed. A Sanctus bell is carried on a separate frame over the ringing bells. An Ellacombe chiming apparatus has been installed, enabling one person to chime all four bells. Of the original three bells, the treble and the tenor have been re-hung as the second and tenor of the new ring, and the second bell has been re-hung as a Sanctus bell, chimed individually as required. This bell has been replaced in the peal by a tuned bell from Kettering, now the third, and a new treble bell was added in 2009 and tuned to match the other three bells.

The new treble is a modern second-hand Trinity House ‘buoy bell’, dated 1969 and cast by John Taylor of Loughborough.

The second bell was cast by George I Oldfield, a bell founder in Nottingham, in 1664. The inscription is: IHS NAZARENVS REX IVDEORUM.

The third bell (from Kettering) was cast by Gillett & Johnson in 1921.

The fourth (tenor) bell is the old tenor cast by George I Oldfield in 1635. The inscription is: GOD SAVE HIS CHURCH.

The Sanctus bell was cast at York, circa 1450, by an unknown founder, though it is possible that this was John Hoton of York. It has the inscription: ORA PRO NOBIS BEATA JACOBE.