Mansfield St John


The organ console

The original organ, a three-manual instrument, was built by Brindley of Sheffield in 1865 and cost £480.

Reporting on the new organ in January 1866 the Nottinghamshire Guardian provides a detailed technical description:

The instrument consists of three complete manuals and independent pedal organ. The contents of the great organ (compass C C to G) are – Double st. diapason, 16 feet (tone); open diapson, 8 ft. ; viola di Gamba, 8ft. ; Rohr Gedact, 8ft. ; principal, 4ft. ; twelfth, 2 2/3 ft. ; fifteenth, 2 ft. ; mixture (four ranks) various : trumpet, 8ft. Contents of Choir Organ (Compass CC to G) : – Dulcians, 8ft. ; deiblich geduct, 8ft. ; genashon, 4 ft. ; leiblict flote, 4 ft. ; clarionet, 8ft. ; Contents of Swell Organ (compass tenor C to G, prepared to CC) : – Double st. diapason, 16ft. (tone) ; open diapason, 8 ft. ; vox angelican, 8 ft. ; principal, 4 ft. ; mixture (three ranks) various ; horn, 8 ft. ; oboe, 8 ft. ; clarian (oboe), 4 ft. ; Contents of pedal organ (compass CCC to tenor E) : – Open diapason, 16ft. ; bourdon, 16ft. (tone) ; Couplers : – Swell to great ; swell to choir, choir to great ; great to pedal ; choir to pedal ; swell to pedal. Some idea of the size of the organ may be formed when it is stated that it comprises nearly 1,500 pipes.

In 1897 the organ was in 'an unsatisfactory state' and Alfred Kirkland of London was asked to report on its condition and provide an estimate for its renovation. His recommendations and an estimate of £200 were accepted and the organ was restored over a period of six weeks. The organ was reopened on 24 February.

By the early 1950s the organ was again in very poor condition. A quote for restoring the organ from Cousans of Lincoln (for £2,650) was accepted and the work was completed in 1957.

The organ was dismantled and removed from the organ chamber in 2017 as part of major restoration work.