Mansfield (Ladybrook) St Mary


The north-western
section of the churchyard

The churchyard is irregular in shape, though is approximately triangular with the base side at the south-west and tapering to the north-east. In total the area occupied is approximately 0.6 ha including the grounds of the vicarage which lies on the east side of the site.

There are two entrances, the principal is off Bancroft Lane at the north-east and has an unprepossessing gateway comprising a low stone wall and stone piers without a gate giving onto a narrow driveway that leads past the north side of the church. The second entrance is off Ladybrook Lane and lies at the north-west corner of the site and comprises a narrow trackway, lined by metal rails and closed off from the churchyard by a metal gate.

The boundaries of the churchyard are mainly of mature trees and shrubs, with an iron fence to the west, and wooden fencing around the vicarage. A low stone wall lines the south side of the driveway leading up to the church from Bancroft Lane. At the rear of the church, on the south side, is a hard-standing car park area, the remainder of the grounds are grass. There are no burials.