Kinoulton St Wilfrid


The site looking south The site looking west Grave marker to
Ann Clark (d. 1692)
Grave marker to
William Bates (d. 1797)

The graveyard of St Wilfrid’s is still visible to this day, though hidden away in a field along a bridle path. Like other Nottinghamshire churchyards the gravestones are mostly slate and “the inscriptions upon them are in most instances as clean as when they were first cut.” Most of the graves date to the 18th century and pre-date the building of the new church of St Luke except for one – the grave of William Bates who was 54 when he died on 7 August 1797. He may have desired to be buried there rather than at St Luke’s as his wife, Henrietta Bates, was buried there in 1786.