Inham Nook
St Barnabas


As built, St Barnabas’ did not have an organ. Although an organ was obtained from the Chilwell Garrison church it turned out to be ‘of no use’ and had to be disposed of. A piano was given by a parishioner, and possibly some sort of organ since the church council minutes record that Mr Moppett resigned the position of church organist in September 1958 and was replaced by Miss Valerie Richards.

A second hand organ was acquired from a church in north-east England. It was viewed in the summer of 1960 by the curate and other council members, and Harold Cantrill of Derby was commissioned to overhaul, tune and assemble it at a cost of £350. It was dedicated on 24 January 1961. Mr Cantrill maintained it for many years, but it gradually deteriorated, and in 1985 plans were drawn up (and subsequently turned down by the council), for a new electronic organ. During the renovations of 1999 it was dismantled by the Midland Organ Company and subsequently reassembled in a Methodist church in Wiltshire.

Since the organ was removed, modern keyboards have been used for worship.