Haughton Chapel


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Archives Office

22,470/1    Faculty (Walesby) for the removal of loose stone from Haughton chapel 1825
DD HW 35a     Enquiry Newcastle v Pocklington re tithe-free land 1847
AT 59/1a   Map and tithe award (Walesby) 1848
XBC 25/1-4s   Plans and elevations of Haughton chapel 1913
DD 954/1   Trent Valley Archaeological Committee redundant churches survey c1978

Nottinghamshire County Council. Historic Buildings Records

1.26.3Conveyance of Haughton chapel 19 June 1945 between London and Fort George Land Company Limited and Southwell Diocesan Board of Finance

(Also in this file photographs 1980s and 1990s and details of Listing)

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