Edingley St Giles

Features and Fittings


Altar, communion rails
and reredos
Chancel screen

The altar is freestanding in oak of simple design, with panelled sides.

Communion rail

This is of simple design in oak, extended with centre rail by C.G. Rhodes, joiner of Farnsfield.


This is of painted wood to the design of Fowler Hodgson of 1890s (see detailed drawings in Nottinghamshire Archives).


This is of simple painted wood; it was repainted in 2011.

By the west door natural wood screens were installed in 1961 to provide a draught lobby, small store and vestry. Sliding doors to the store and vestry flank a pair of hinged doors to the lobby. Originally open, a ceiling was added to the lobby area by C.G. Rhodes of Farnsfield.


Font Pulpit

There is an octagonal shaped stone font on a stone pedestal and plinth.

It has a wooden painted cover described as 17th century in the listing description and consisting of eight open ribs forming ogee arches and terminating in an acanthus decorated knob.


A simple wood pulpit in oak, with a wooden lectern with notched adjustable support.


Pew Choir stalls and
reading desks

These are of 'stained deal' of 1890's restoration, when a gallery with stairs were removed at this time. The present pews probably replaced the box pews which are known to have existed before 1897.

One of the rows near the chancel has an added lectern that matches the pulpit lectern in design.

The seating at the time would accommodate about 64 people.

Choir Stalls

These are of 'stained deal' of the 1890's restoration.


Stone arched and cusped form, now at floor level due to internal alterations having resulted with the raised floor at the chancel during the 1890s alterations.

Benefactions Board

To the right of the font is a Descriptive Board of sheetmetal in painted wooden frame attached to the north wall describing various benefactions. The wording is as follows:



Jno Fairbrother  




Thos Bausor        








Richard Carrington and Edmund Crumwell left by Deed in 1697
two Doles of Land in a close called Maythorns lying in the Parish
of Southwell now in Possession of Mr. Little the annual Produce
sixteen shillings.

Also left by Deed by the said Richard Carrington and Edmund
Crumwell in Land one close called Foxpits lying in the Parish
of Southwell now in Possession of Mr. John Addams of Southwell
the annual Produce one Pound ten Shillings to buy coals for
the use of the Poor of the Parish of Edingley.

Mr. John Lamb also left by Deed in 1731, one House and
three closes, all lying in the Parish of Edingley, now in
Possession of William Huddlestone, the annual Produce
seven Pound for a salary, for a master or mistress, to educate
the Poor Children of the said Parish.

Mrs. Elizabeth Tutin also left by will in 1776 to the Poor
of the Parish of Edingley – such as have not collection from
the said Parish – the sum of six Pound annually; which
from that time, until the year 1796 was paid out of a farm
lying in Graves-Lane, belonging to Mr. Edward Bacon;
who purchased the aforesaid annuity in the year 1796.
for the sum of one hundred and fifty five Pounds; the Interest
of which is to be distributed annually, to the before mentioned
Poor of the Parish of Edingley. 1806.

The above is a faithful and correct copy made by me the
Revnd. Robt. F. Smith in the presence and with the assistance
of the Churchwardens.
                                                Robt. F. Smith. M.A. Vicar.
Henry Beckett.  )
Edward Cope.    )  Churchwardens.

                        Southwell April 17th 1895