Eakring St Andrew

List of Incumbents

The following list appears on a board in the church, but pre-Reformation names have not been checked. Three missing names have been added. The alternate patronages continued through to the twentieth century.

Two Resident Rectors
Separate Patronage

c1150 Adam  
1270 Thomas de Hedon  
1271 Henry de Edwalton Died
1298 Robert de Edenstowe  
1317 Henry de Sibbethorpe Resigned
1328 William de Buttecrane  
1349 Henry Holme de Carlton  
1397 William de Askeby Resigned
1399 William de Thurback Resigned
1404 Richard Tervere Resigned
1405 John Wyksall Died
1414 William Morton Died
  John Waryn Resigned
1443 Umfrey Jordan Resigned
1444 Roger Conway Resigned
1236 Henry de la More  
1303 Henry de Stirley  
1310 Robert de Southerich Died
1327 John de Hoghton  
1349 William de Tyringham  
1369 Thomas Wartre Died
1369 William atte Kirke de Kelleby  
  John de Bautry Resigned
1375 Richard Dicket Died
1382 John de Lamley  
  Robert Grene Resigned
1414 John Umfrey Died
1428 Nicholas Grene  
1449 William Bellerby Resigned

One Resident Rector
Alternate Patronage

1453 John Gysburn Resigned
1454 William Bolton Resigned
1465/6 Adam Haymond Resigned
1467 William Worsley Resigned
1492 Henry Wood Died
1496 Thomas Tynding Died
1514 William Brunch Died
1519 Nicholas Kirkby Died
1553 Thomas Hulley  
d.1585 John Chollerton Died
1586 George Higgin Died
1627 Thomas Fukes  
1629/30 George Lawson Ejected 1652
1652 Matthew Thompson Ejected 1662
1662 George Lawson (restored) Died
1670 William Mompesson Died
1709 Peter Laycock Died
1722 Gilbert Michell Died
1758 William Clarke (Curate-in-charge)  
1762 Samuel Abson Died
1777 William Boawre Died
1791 John Henry Browne Died
1830 Theophilus Sampson Died
1864 John Williams Wardale Died
1877 William Lumley Bertie Cator Resigned
1915 Charles Harold Bond Resigned
1936 Harold Robinson Resigned
1947 John E Williams Resigned
1957 Ernest Yeomans Resigned
1965 Stephen M Chaloner Resigned
1971 Sidney Butler Resigned
1973 W Gordon Calthrop Owen Resigned
1991 Haydon H Wilcox Resigned
2002 Elizabeth Faith Cully Resigned
2009 L Anthony W Swaby