Old Church


There is no bell in the church today. The following refers to bells known to have been in the church in the past.

Four bells were noted in the tower in Edward the Sixth’s time.

1552 iij bygge belles and one lytyll bell.

When the tower was rebuilt in 1684, only one bell was put in the new tower.

In 1740 there were 2 bells.

In 1884 it was noted that there was only one bell and this was quite modern.

In 1940, John Taylor & Co of Loughborough removed the bell from the tower. The bell weighed just over 5cwts and was inscribed “Thomas Mears of London Founder 1835 – Thomas Horseley, Richard Clarkson – Churchwardens.” Diameter 29⅜"; weight 5.0.26. The bell was sold for scrap.