Christ Church


All windows are fitted with rich stone tracery and up to 1898 all contained plain diapered glass..

The East Window
Plaque near the window

East Window

The large east window has four lights surmounted by geometric quatrefoils and fitted with figured quarries. (Originally there were three lights.) It was installed in memory of Lady Emily Seely who was a great benefactress to the inhabitants of Cinderhill. The cost of £150 was defrayed by voluntary subscriptions. It was the work of A L Moore & Son of London and was installed in 1898. The window shows the Holy Women at Christ’s Sepulchre on Easter morning. Higher up are two angels swinging incense and at the top the Agnus Dei.

A brass plaque on the south wall of the sanctuary reads:

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of
Emily the wife of Sir Charles Seely Bart.
of Sherwood Lodge Nottinghamshire

The East window in this church
was placed here by residents in the Chapelry
of Cinderhill - January 1898
‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God’

‘Light of the World’ Window

On the right of the altar is a window displaying Christ the Light of the World copied from the famous picture by Holman Hunt in St Paul’s Cathedral. This is one of three stained glass windows donated by George Fowler, churchwarden for 40 years, in 1913.

Window of Mary and Judith

In the chancel is another window given by George Fowler showing Mary the friend of Jesus and Judith the Jewish heroine.

St Paul Window

The third such window, installed in the south wall of the nave, near the original pulpit, shows two episodes in St Paul’s ministry. All three windows are marked A L Moore & Son , London.

Memorial Window

In 1919 George Fowler was again instrumental in having another stained glass window installed in the south wall of the nave. This was a personal and poignant moment in his life following the death of his son. The text in the window reads:

Greater love hath no man than this: that
a man lay down his life for his friend

A bronze tablet next to the window reads:

To the Glory of God and in ever loving memory of Lieut. Col. George Herbert Fowler and the Officers and Men of the 8th Batallion Sherwood Foresters who fell in the attack on Hohenzollen Redoubt Oct. 1915

He was killed by a sniper’s bullet when trying to rescue his Second-in-command, Major Beecher. Before the War he lived with his parents in Basford Hall. The left hand light shows St George in triumph, one foot on the slain dragon. The right hand light shows St Martin with sword partly drawn from its sheath. (It is highly likely this window was also by A L Moore & Son.) Above these lights is a quatrefoil window with the Royal arms and the words ‘For King and Country’.

Other Windows

In the west wall of the nave there is a two-light window of clear glass with a plain vesica above it. In the north aisle is a small window of quarry lights, an anonymous gift.