Caythorpe St Aidan


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Archives

Parish Registers

Published Sources

Kelly’s Directory of Nottinghamshire (1922)

Parish Magazines (February 1910, 1936, 1944, 1948, 1953, July 1956, Sept 1970)

Records of Southwell Diocesan Church Calendar

Bishop of Southwell’s diary (Advent 1899 to Advent 1900)

Ian Smith, Tin Tabernacles Corrugated Iron Mission Halls, Churches and Chapels of Britain (2004)

Anne Sharp and Julia O’Neill, Not forgetting Caythorpe (1992)

Other sources

Notes made by the Late Pauline Heathcote on Caythorpe Chapel at Local Studies Library, Nottingham Central Library

Information from Andrew Potter (churchwarden) and Marion Gaffney on the interior of the building.