Caythorpe St Aidan

Features and Fittings

East end, showing
altar and rails


As far as is known the altar is the original one supplied when the church was erected. It is believed that the brass cross, candlesticks and vases date from this time. New communion rails were fitted in 1955.


The font consists of a wooden pedestal, stone bowl and wooden lid. It is the original font. It was re-polished during the incumbency of the Rev Eric Ashby.

Clergy Seats

The two small pitch pine stalls, which stand at the front of the nave, were rescued by Tony Mabbott, a local builder, from a Methodist Church at the corner of Redcliffe Road Nottingham which was being demolished.

Carved table
Brass cross which
usually stands on
the carved table

Carved Table

The carved table came from the same source as the clergy stalls and is inscribed:

In Memoriam Margaret wife of George Goodall.


One of Caythorpe’s current parishioners is her great granddaughter.

Brass Cross on Carved Table

A local man, Vic Pownall, who was in the scrap business, donated the cross. He was given it, in very poor condition, by the vicar of a Colwick Church. It had been used to prize open the poor box in his church. It was straightened and polished and given to St Aidan’s.

Pine pew


The original wooden chairs were disposed of about 1990 due to an infestation of woodworm. They were replaced by similar chairs which came from a church in Mapperley. These have recently been replaced with modern stacking chairs. There is also a single pine pew which is placed near the entrance door.