St Wilfrid

Features and Fittings


Shortly after his induction in 1874 the Rev Thomas Woolen Smith had given a new altar to the church, the old altar being used to make the wooden cross which stands above the beam over the chancel steps.

The present altar dates only from 1956, but is a replica of the 1874 altar except that it is some eight inches lower – it retains the same four-inch thick mensa of Irish fossilised marble.


A pulpit was constructed and the old one converted into a chest for frontals, now standing in the south west corner of the nave, by the door.

Sunday School banner

The Sunday School banner with its Saxon motif representing St. Wilfrid was presented in 1959.

Millennium Plate

To the right of the War Memorials is the Millennium Plate, designed by Sheila Wood. It tells the story of Calverton.


To the left of the War Memorials is situated the 1962 Embroidery, which shows the names of people who lived in the village at that time, all placed around the church.

Arms of Longue-Jumelles

The Arms of the Commune of Longue-Jumelles (on the south wall of the nave) were carved by Michel Guesdon and Roger Deniau, residents of Longue-Jumelles, from local stone. The nameplate was made from local slate. It was presented to Calverton in May 1979, installed in the Parish Church, and dedicated on Ascension Day 1980. Calverton was officially twinned with Longue-Jumelles in the Loire Valley, France in May 1974.

Union banner

High above the porch door the Colliery NUM Banner is displayed. It was made when coal was a thriving industry in the 1960s. It was damaged on its first outing. The pit closed in 2000.

One of the pieces of
carved stone
(This one is in the
clock chamber)

Carved stones

There are many pieces of medieval carved stonework in the church, some in the main body of the church, and some elsewhere. Click here for further details.

Other items in the church

The font St Wilfrid emblem
on the new floor
Metal chest
old bibles
Benefactions board
(including donation
by Jane Pepper)