Aspley St Margaret


East window

Upper lights Lower lights

Prior to the installation of the present memorial glazing, the entire window was glazed with clear glass set in rectangular leaded frames.

The window has five lower and five upper lights each terminated by a quatrefoil head. The upper central light is extended slightly into the arch above, which is filled with perpendicular tracery. All 22 lights are glazed with vibrant coloured glass.

The window was funded by parishioners Jennifer and Dennis Dring in memory of Jennifer's father, George Armine Newell, a chorister at the church.

It was designed, made and installed by Michael D. Stokes of MDS Stained Glass and dedicated by the Bishop of Sherwood on 2 November, 2008.

Upper lights 

A leaflet issued at the dedication ceremony in 2008 explains the design of the upper half of the window:

'Clothed in garments pure and holy, in colours of yellow and amber, the figure of Christ dominates the upper central area and creates a divine golden glow in bright morning light. In the side lights, branches of willow rise up from the lower lights to curve around and arch over the figure to meet at the juncture where Alpha and Omega are seen in the tracery. The willow is symbolic of the gospel of Christ because it continues to flourish and remain whole, no matter how many times its branches are cut.'

Lower lights

Outer left
Outer left

Depicts a small narrow tree in front of which stands a preacher with an extended arm over three kneeling figures. Another figure stands by the preacher’s side looking on. A little over half-way up this light a small black aeroplane can be seen, and in the lower background the arches of a railway viaduct with a small image of a colliery headstock above.

Second left
Second left light

In the centre of this light is a small light blue shield with a gold bird and crucifix.

The railway viaduct is continued, merging into an industrial building said to represent the Players’ Cigarette Factory in nearby Radford. Higher, on the same theme, there is a small medallion showing the head of a bearded Royal Navy sailor, the logo of John Player’s Navy Cut cigarettes.

At the bottom of the light is the Newell coat of arms.

Centre light
Centre light

At the bottom of the light, set in yellow strips, is the following text:


Over the dedication is a brown coloured image of the south elevation of St. Margaret’s Church.

Fourth light
Newell coat
of arms

A representation of George Newell as a chorister is at the bottom of the light.

Above him is the coat of arms of The Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners of which George was a former Master (1991-1992).

The crest shows a dragon holding a broom. The motto reads 'TERGERE EST SERVARE' (to clean is to serve).

At the top of the light is a dove with olive sprig, symbolizing good tidings and peace.

Outer right

This light depicts trees with springtime growth, representing hope and new beginnings. 'Garden birds and a butterfly are juxtaposed amongst the branches. Four small figures, in linear form, are depicted as being “set free”, joyous in their Christian faith.'

The true shape of the tracery is best viewed from outside the building.

South Chapel

East wall

St Margaret St Mary

A pair of slender two light rectangular windows each with a quatrefoil head with the arches filled with small shaped glass.

The light on the left shows St. Margaret and the text:

In Memory of a Benefactress
Sophia Susanna Welch

The light on the right depicts St Mary, with the text:

Friend of John Dane and
Margaret Jenny Player.

South chapel

South wall


Two single light memorial windows glazed with rectangular glass set in lead. Both lights are decorated with coats-of-arms for High Pavement School, Nottingham University, St Aidan’s College, and Southwell Diocese.

One window has the text:


The adjacent light is of the same design and decoration, but the text reads:


South and North aisles

On the south elevation the church has four windows each with three tall lower lights with quatrefoil heads below six small trefoil headed lights set in perpendicular tracery that fill the arch. All are glazed with clear glass set in rectangular lead frames.

The north aisles windows are identical in design and are five in number.


Set high on the south and north walls of the chancel are two tall single light windows with quatrefoil heads with rectangular clear glass set in lead.

West Wall and the tower

Directly over the west entrance is the west window, the design and glazing is as the windows in the aisles but of different dimensions, being much taller and wider, with two rows of four lights under a low arch filled with perpendicular tracery. Above the window are two small, narrow, rectangular lights, one on each floor and at the top of the tower is a three light window with quatrefoil heads. The outer lights are glazed and the centre panel is blind faced with cement rendering. The towers south of the three upper lights are the same but the lower window that illuminates the west entrance is a tall single light. Also on the south side are four small single light windows that give light to the tower staircase set between the south entrance and the tower. On the north side of the tower the three upper are as the south wall, but there is no lower window.


The clerestory has five two-light windows on each side, they have quatrefoil heads below flat lintel frames with glazing as the aisle windows.   
Around the church are a number of other small windows, all are of similar design to the above.