Annesley All Saints


The Annesley organ is an important one, built as a three-manual in 1908 by Rothwell of London, and installed in 1909. It replaced the previous organ destroyed in the fire of 1907. An unknown builder made alterations in 1933 when the wind pressure was raised to 4". The instrument was rebuilt by Midland Organ Co. in 1973.

It stands on the north side of the Choir.

The specification is:

Pedal:Open Wood 16, Bourdon 16, Bass Flute 8

Choir:Lieblich Gedact 8, Dulciana 8, Suabe Flute 4, Clarionet 8, Viol d’Orchestre 8

Great:Double Diapason 16, Open Diapason 8, Wald Flute 8, Principal 4, Harmonic Flute 4, Fifteenth 2, Trumpet 8

Swell:Open Diapason 8, Rohr Flute 8, Echo Gamba 8, Voix Celeste 8 TC, Gemshorn 4, Cornopean 8, Oboe 8, Tremulant

Rothwell organs are rare, and well-built. This is the only one known in this area. (There are hardly any examples outside London.) This organ has been awarded a Historic Organs Certificate by the British Institute of Organ Studies in 2005 and listed as Grade II*