Annesley Old Church

List of Incumbents

The following is a list of all the incumbents up to the transfer of the living to the New Church in 1874. The later incumbents are listed separately.

The old Saxon Church

C1100 St Robert of Felley, Hermit

The old Norman Church, built c1150

1156 Prior Walter
C1170 Prior Adam of Nocton
C1180 Prior William of Lovetot
C1200 Prior Richard of Thurgaton
C1220 Prior Henry
  Prior Thomas
C1240 Prior Walter
C1250 Prior Henry
1268 Prior Ralph of Pleasley
1276 Prior Thomas of Wathenowe
1281 Prior Alam of Elkesley
C1300 Prior William of Toton
1315 Prior Elias of Linby
C1322 Prior Adam
1328 Prior John of Kirkby
1349 Prior John of Holbrook
1349 Prior Richard of Shirebrook

The old Annesley Church, built 1356

C1360 Prior Robert Eaves
1378 Prior Thomas Elmton
1381 Prior John of Mansfield
C1390 Prior William of Tuxford
1405 Prior William Hopwood
1442 Prior Peter Methley
C1450 Prior John Throughcroft
1454 Prior William Acwarth
1463 Prior Richard Congreve
1482 Prior William Symondson (alias Bolton)
1500 Prior Lawrence Ingham
C1510 Prior Robert (or Thomas) Gateford
1519 Prior Thomas Stock
1525 Prior Christopher Bolton

Up to 1536, all Vicars of Annesley were also the Priors of Felley. The Priory at Felley was dissolved in 1536 and Christopher Bolton accepted the living of Attenborough.

1536 Richard Samond
1573 George Holme
1576 William Bradford
1587 Nicholas Bee
1599 Thomas Kirkby
1604 Joseph Holte
1609 Thomas Reste
1617 Anthony Robinson
1621 Robert Aynsworth
1622-29 William Perry
1630-38 William Hewitt
1639-42 Thomas Bowes
1651-55 Cuthbert Stote
1656 Christopher Sanderson
1663-65 Sampson Hopkyn
1667-74 Richard Munn
1675-79 Nicholas Sore
1680-81 George Sissons
1682-84 Thomas Howitt (see below)
1684-85 Thomas Knight
1685-88 Christopher Newton
1688 Thomas Kimpson
1689-90 Edward Hawkins
1691-93 Thomas Howitt (see above)
1694-99 Richard Kay
1700-08 Christopher Overend
1709 William Mince
1710-62 Andrew Matthews (also Rector of Linby, 1723-62)
1762-94 Robert Stanley (also Rector of Linby, 1762-94)
1794-1805 Thomas Cursham (also Schoolmaster of Sutton-in-Ashfield)
1805-08 William Clarke (also Vicar of Gonaldston, 1785-1808)
1809 William Tiffin
1811-48 John Rolleston (also Vicar of Burton Joyce, 1822-62)
1814-18 Guy Bryan (Curate)
1819-21 Henry Jenour (Curate) (Rector of Epperstone 1822-29)
1822-47 Thomas Leeson Cursham (Curate)
1848 Richard Howard Frizell
1869 James John Trebeck
1869-70 Francis Douglas Dymock (Curate)
1871 Clement Howard Prance

The New Church was consecrated in 1874, and from that date onwards the Vicars of Annesley have been based there.