Old Church


When the tower of the present Annesley All Saints church was completed in 1876, six bells were hung. Five came from the Old Church and a new one, struck especially for the new church, was added. The five bells from the old church carried the following inscriptions:

No 1 This bell was given by Patricius Viscount Chaworth 1682
Diameter 26 inches  Weight 4 cwt 1qtr
No 2 The gift of J Chaworth Musters Esq 1859
John Taylor & Company, Loughborough
Diameter 28 inches  Weight 4 cwt 1qtr

Dawson states that the old No 2 bell, replaced by the above, carried the inscription God Save His Church 1692 and may have been by William Noone.

No 3 John Taylor & Co, Founders 1874
Diameter 31 inches  Weight 6 cwt
No 4 God Save The Church 1634 G A W B
Diameter 32 inches  Weight 6 cwt 1 qtr
No 5 This bell was given to the town of Annesley by Patricius Viscount Chaworth 1682
Diameter 37 inches  Weight 9 cwt

Pearson believes that the No 3 bell was probably a recasting of the original bell, dating from when the tower was built in the fourteenth century.

Sadly, these five bells, together with the special sixth one, were completely destroyed in the New Church fire of 1907.