Open Churches Weekends 2012

Just some of the comments received from visitors...


“very many thanks for sending us a copy of the booklet. This will be in the glove box of our car so we can visit the churches when we are in the area…As we are "doing" Simon Jenkins' 1000 Best Churches the booklet helps in identifying those he missed but are well worth visiting.”


“thanks for producing such an excellent book for the event; it's the best I have seen and the photographs are of a high quality.”


“We had a most enjoyable, interesting day.”


“everywhere I went people were really friendly and supportive and passionate about their church.”


“The booklet is beautifully produced and informative.”


“many thanks to you for the guidebook and to all the people responsible for opening the churches.”


“…I appreciate the long story of worship through the centuries; although my own faith is a bit rocky, I gain from the knowledge that others have worshipped, or just cared for their church through the centuries… I shall certainly keep it [the book] for reference.  For me the day was enriching.”


“Congratulations to your and all your team (if you have one) and everyone involved in the open weekend, it must have taken a large amount of time and effort (it is a pity you are not in charge of the Olympic mess) and it was just great  to arrive at a chosen church and find it OPEN and inviting. No two churches are ever the same each one being an individual, I only wish that more churches were open all the time…
I would also like to congratulate you on the excellent book you produced, this was invaluable in planning and during the tour and will be kept in order that I may plan further visits to those churches which are open all year round in fact I picked up another copy during my visit for future reference.
While I am at it, your excellent website is also worth a mention, have spent a lot of time using the website, so thank you very much for everything and hope you can continue your open weekends year on year.”

“thank you for the lovely informative booklet you sent me about the Open Churches w/e.  So much nicer than downloading many pages!... Thank you so much for all the excellent organisation and much hard work from everyone which has made these two weekends possible.”


“I loved the brochure, it will be a great reference guide.”

“We have just had a marvelous (but surprisingly tiring) day in which we visited eight of the open churches.  Only a tiny fraction of the whole (we hope to see more next weekend) but enough to show what an imaginative and well organised weekend this has been… the warm welcome we received was constant.  We were told about each church, encouraged to see their special features and offered numerous cups of tea.  As a result we spent much longer at each than we had expected and ran out of time at 5pm despite having started before 10am.
Many thanks for all you have done.  I hope that this can be repeated… In the meantime however we have the very useful consolation of the admirable book which gives so much useful information and will certainly be kept for reference.”

“Thank you so much for the book which dropped through my letterbox yesterday - we shall make use of it as an adjunct to Pevsner, and far more attractive in its presentation!  I'm already working on a route for a day out to visit some of the nearer churches .... Browsing it is a delight”


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