Warsop St Peter and St Paul

Monuments and Memorials

Stone Memorials

West End South Aisle

Memorial to John Rolleston Close-up of the text
on the monument

The text reads:

To the memory of a trusty servant, a loyal subject, a kind master, a faithfull friend, a loving husband and a good Christian. And now reader think not, yet this is to ye memory of MANY but wonder that ‘tis to that of ONE. To that of Mr. JOHN ROLLESTON of Rolleston, in Staffordshire well born and well bred. Well knowne & therefore well loved by ye high and mighty. Wm. late lord duke of Newcastle and his noble family as having had ye honour of being his secretary when he himself had yet great one of being Governor to the prince afterwards King Charles the Second as likewise that of secretary, to ye army under his excellencies command in ye late unhappy warrs. His approved honesty and abilities in business rendered him highly usefull to his master and his country particular to the former in ye management and preservation of his estate in a time when ye government: it felt it was too weak to preserve anything from RAPINE and RUINE. The advantages raised to himself out of a long & meritorious service were almost entirely lost upon the declining future of ye royal party at Marston Moor & yet his good service in ye end mett with what he valued above all, ye honour of having been highly trusted and ye comfort of having honestly discharged the trust. To ye many blessings of ye man here remains was added that of a long life he having lived to the age of 84 years: a long but to him a glorious tyme of tryal.

He departed this life ye 22nd of December 1681 in full hopes of a joyfull Resurrection to a much better.

Erected (as a MONUMENT of true love) by his entirely beloved wife and sorrowfull widow MRS ELIZABETH ROLLESTON now living in this parish MDCLXXXVI

Samuel Hallifax memorial

Memorial Tablet to Samuel Hallifax (West end North aisle)

Translation of the text:

Here near his most dear little son who was some time snatched away by untimely fate the very reverend Samuel Hallifax LLD and STP wished his paternal remains to be deposited. Born and instructed in the first rudiments of learning in this neighborhood he afterwards held the position of public lecturer and Regius Professor of Civil Law in the University of Cambridge. Master of Faculties in Doctors Commons, Rector in this church and Bishop first in the Cathedral Church of Gloucester and afterwards in that of St Asaph: through all offices he distinguished himself by his ability, profound learning and wonderful industry, by his unswerving allegiance to the English Church; by the power and sweetness of his discourses; by the touching grace and elegance of his writings; and moreover by what he ever held to be of paramount importance, the uprightness of his life. He was born at Mansfield Jan 8th 1733 worn out by stone he died a premature death alas! March 4th 1790 aged 57 yrs. His wife Catherine being left his survivor with an only son and six daughters has erected this monument as somewhat of a mournful solace to her grief.

Halfway upstairs in the Tower

(This is the straight staircase not the one that leads to the ringing chamber)

Erected to the memory of
Samuel Jackson
Who died February 1st 1817
Aged 71 yrs
Also of
Mary Jackson
Relict of the above
Who Died Jan 27th 1826
Aged 73 yrs
The Memory of the just is blessed Prov X v7
Titus Jackson son of the above died Jan 7 1789 aet 10 yr.


Brasses to the left of the Hallifax Window

These read as follows:


Here lieth the body of Hannah the wife of William Wylde of Nettleworth who departed this life the 5th day of May in the year of our Lord 1775(?) aged 60 years.
Also near this place lieth the body of William Wylde father of the above Wm Wylde who died in the year 1696 aged 28 years.

Here lieth the body of William Wylde esq of Mansfield eldest son of the late William Wylde esq of Nettleworth. He died in March 11th 1787 in the 53rd year of his age. Safe in the hand of one disposing power in the Natal or in the Mortal hour.

Gulielm? Wyld infans filius Guliemi Wyld gerd obijt XX ij de Sept AD 1694
Hic pace in placida in anet infans immaculatus Delicium Colei pulveri dulce jeicet Angelus Atherio Sicutest dimisus ab alia lambore in exiguo quo venit ipse redure.

Here lieth the body of Anne Wylde sister of the above William Wylde who died January 11th 1798 aged 60 years

Here lieth the body of Cathrina Wylde of Nettleworth who died the 24th day of November 1801 aged 61 years

Here lieth the body of William Wylde of Nettleworth who departed this life the 11th day of January 1779 aged 82 years

Brasses to the right of the Hallifax Window

Here lies interred the body of Sarah Silverwood who departed this life 23rd May 1784 aged 74 years. Here lies ye body of Mary Kerchevall who departed this life ye 2nd February aged 52 years

Here lies the body of Daniel Newton who was one of His Majestys coroners for this county 28 years. He departed this life May 21st 1764 aged 70 years

Here lies interred John Newton gent who departed this life 2nd September 1789 aged LIX years

Left hand side of the Beard Screen

In memory of Alleyne FitzHerbert one year Rector of Warsop 3rd son of Sir Henry FitzHerbert Bt of Tissington Derbyshire and Agnes Beresford his wife born May 9, 1815 married May 5 1841 Angelina, third daughter of James Happenden Esq. of Homewood House Tenterden Kent died April 15 1860 leaving a widow with five sons and six daughters.

In memory of Henry Gally Knight Born 1786 died 1846 The dutiful son of a widowed mother a part as witnessed by her portrait over sacred and classic ground, a traveller a man of kindness and benefactor to his church and kinsmen. To commemorate the restoration of this church re-opened July 13th 1877. Sir William FitzHerbert has erected this tablet to a respected name in Warsop

To the glory of God. The tower of this church was restored 1905 Sir Richard FitzHerbert Bart.

Right of screen

A brass plaque with text as follows:

In the churchyard six feet from the centre of the east chancel window lie interred the remains of Samuel Martin rector of this parish for a period of 53 years. He died on the 4th April 1859 aged 89. Also of his wife Selina Martin died 2nd June 1847 aged 71 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord for they rest from their labours.

Left hand side of the Hallifax plaque

M. S. Oliverus Dand col St. Iohanis Evangeliste
in academia Cantabridgiensi sociourum senorium
Vnus hius Rector ecclesiae et cauae Regis ac Religionis
quasarae nuper propugnator strenus tot meritus titulos
fide cura literis sic lacet hic honos
tumuli paralysi tandem sublatus May 4 1661 Aetatus 55
Non furdus horreas (viator) loquentem lapidem
vrnam sacria praeconis decet eiae vocalem.

Below this

In memory of Sergeant John Stubbins
1st Kings dragoon guards (1788-1849).
He fought with Wellington
at Waterloo 18 June 1815

To the Right

Here lieth the body of master George Fothergill
who was Rector of Warsop 20 years
who departed this life the 76th year of his age
the 23rd August AD1683
Tomas Fothergill AM Nuber buius
Rector Mortem obijt cal 17 Jan Ano Salut 1703 aetat 57


Samuel Hallifax DD Lord Bishop of St. Asaph
and Rector of Warsop
Born 19 January 1733
died 4th March 1790 aged 57