St Peter and St Paul


Proceeding from the gate near the Bishop’s Walk entrance there is a lightly wooded area with mainly deciduous trees. This area also serves as the car park for the church and sometimes gets a bit boggy in winter. Following the path round past the East Window there are two tombs that are inscribed:

To the memory of Titus son of Samuel and Mary Jackson who died January 17th 1789 aged 10 years. Also Charlotte daughter of the above died April 24th 1831 aged 42 years
Erected to the memory of Samuel Jackson who died Jan 27th 1826 aged 73 years. The memory of the just is blessed
In memory of Charles Jackson of Forest Hill Lodge, gent. Third son of Samuel and Mary Jackson who died Dec 13 1861 Aged 74 years
In memory of Lucy wife of Kirke Swann esq daughter of Samuel and Mary Jackson of Eastland House in this Parish who died at Nottingham Feb 10th aged 54 years and their only son the Reverend Samuel Kirke Swann M.A.F.R.A.S. of Forest Hill Lodge in this Parish who died at Carlton in the Willows Nov 21st 1886 aged 70 years
in certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ
In Memory of George Parnell who departed this life the 23rd March 1806 aged 38 years
Sacred to the memory of Mary Newton who died Jan 31st 1826 aged _ years.

(The age of Mary Newton is unreadable due to the age of the tomb)

Two tombs on the north side of the church

Directly under the East Window there is a stone marking the grave of Alleyne FitzHerbert who died 15th April 1860 aged 44. Rector of Warsop 1859-1860.

Near the South Aisle there are several large gravestones that have been laid flat which are too obscure to read.

Around the edge of the churchyard there are two rows of gravestones that were moved to the perimeter to allow for easier grasscutting. These are from the 1800's onwards.

Near the base of the tower there are some examples of 17th century gravestones. A clear, easy to read example is that of William son of Samuel and Elizabeth Smith deceased July 4 1681 aged 48 years.

The only part of the churchyard that is currently in use is that of the Garden of Remembrance. People of the parish who are cremated have two places where they can have their ashes interred. One is in the Municipal Cemetery on Cuckney Hill and the other is the Garden of Remembrance. There are also ashes of former campanologists around the north facing wall of the tower.

A recent addition to the churchyard is a rowan tree that was planted at the bottom of the hill near the war memorial.