St Peter and St Paul


There is a ring of eight bells:

  Founder Inscription Size Weight Note
Treble John Taylor

John Taylor & Co+Founders+Loughborough+1969+

To the glory of God
in memory of T. Roland Flint (1879 - 1969)
Reg Lucas (1913 - 1965)
John Taylor & company+founders+1969

24.5" 3.0.13 F
2 John Taylor

John Taylor & Co+Founders+Loughborough+1969+

To the glory of God
in recognition of the life-long
service to this parish of
Fred Blackburn
H. Lawrence Bray

25.5" 3.1.19 E
3 Samuel Midworth

S Midworth Mansfield 1812

Recast 1913

27" 3.3.5 D
4 Thomas Hedderley

God be our Speed 1747

Recast 1913

30" 5.0.26 C
5 Henry Oldfield

Ut tuba sic sonitu Domini conduco cohortes 1615*

Recast 1947

32.5" 6.1.27 B
6 John Halton

All you that hear my dolefull sound repent before yoor
laid in ground October the 14 1737

Recast 1913

34.5" 7.1.18 A
7 John Taylor

John Taylor & Co+Founders+ Loughborough+1947+

Frank Rolling (1862-1944) gave me

38" 9.3.19 G
Tenor John Taylor

John Taylor & Co+Founders+ Loughborough+1947+

The people of Warsop gave me
Ring in memory of the fallen 1939-1945

May they rest in peace

43" 14.2.24 F

* as by a trumpet, so by my sound I assemble the hosts of the Lord

Part of the bell frameHung in several cast-iron low sided frames, the original four bell frame of 1913, the 1947 frame with the two tenors and the 1969 extensions, and cast-iron headstocks and ball bearings. All bells are the work of Taylors of Loughborough at various times.

There were originally four bells, the predecessors of bells 3 to 6, which had the principal inscriptions of those bells. Physical data on those bells was:

  Size Weight
1 27.125" 3.3.9
2 30.125" 4.0.22
3 31.25" 4.3.7
4   6.0.15

The treble was by Samuel Midworth of Mansfield, the second was by Thomas I Hedderly, the third by Henry II Oldfield and the tenor by John Halton of Wingfield Manor in Derbyshire. This bell by Halton was the only one known by him in Nottinghamshire.

In 1626 the parish registers stated [sic] “the Soukholme men shall paye to the churchwardens of Warsoppe the fourth part of all charges to wind and weather and of the keeping of the bells in repayre”

On Christmas Day 1975 the bells of SS Peter and Paul Warsop were broadcast on a short program known as Christmas Bells on the BBC.

Prior to 1914 the 4 bells were rung from the ground floor. At the refurbishment in 1913/1914, the treble second and fourth bells were recast and 4 bells were rehung in a new iron and steel frame. The frame previously had been of oak wood and the opportunity was made to make the first floor the ringing chamber. Before the move, the clock pendulum had been encased in wood but the bottom then had to be cut off to allow each ringer to see every rope, and then in 1947 the wooden case was removed entirely as it was in the way of the ropes to the two new bells.