Radcliffe on Trent
St Mary


Prior to 1858 there was an organ in the west gallery. When the chancel was rebuilt in that year a new organ gallery was included on its north side. The instrument was improved by Groves of London, but was clearly still inadequate, for in November 1861 a sermon was preached in aid of the organ fund. Ten years later it was enlarged and improved by Lloyd and Dudgeon of Nottingham.

A new organ was bought from Lloyd & Co in 1880 for £53 16s, but was soon found to be too small. £250 was eventually raised for a second-hand 3-manual organ, built by Messrs Brindley and Foster of Sheffield and purchased from Samuel Meggitt in 1893. By 1915 this was supplemented with an American organ. In 1923 the organ was provided with a rebuilt and repositioned organ chamber through the enlargement of the vestry.

The pipe organ was replaced in 1988 by an electronic organ by Copeman Hart. The console is at the east end of the southern aisle and has six speakers at high level on the west wall. The pipes of the former organ survive on the north side of the chancel and the loft was converted into a choir vestry and flower arrangers’ room in 1989.