View of the church


St Augustine

Newark Archdeaconry

Mansfield Deanery


The church was built to serve Bull Farm Estate in the north of Mansfield. The land was donated by the Duke of Portland, who laid the foundation stone in 1928.

The first building was used as a parish hall and Sunday School. It was extended and converted into a permanent church in the 1960s.

It is built of brick with a steeply pitched roof on the main hall.  A wide modern entrance leads to a lobby. On entry the church, with its wooden pews, is to the left, the community hall to the right. There is a vestry, kitchen, toilets, storage and utility rooms. There is a large white cross on the exterior of the organ loft.

There is one bell at the west end of the church apex.

All windows are plain except for a stained glass portrayal of Jesus on Ascension Day next to the altar.