Haughton Chapel


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Photographs, Plans and Drawings over about 100 years

Early 20th Century

Picture of the Chapel (copy of
a painting(?)) from around 1908
Chancel arch, looking towards west window and bellcote
(Sketch by Charles Baldock of Worksop dated 1909)
The interior to the west
(photograph dated about 1914)

Plan and Elevations by J F J Goodacre - February 1913

Ground plan South Elevation North Elevation
(Inset: Arch - North chancel)
East & West Elevations and chancel arch

Second Quarter of the 20th Century

Photograph from 1928,
showing particularly the Norman south door
Sketch by Kenneth Hempsall dated 1935 Plan accompanying the
conveyance of 1945
Photograph from 1947 -
a view from the south-east

Sketches by Liz Hayward

Drawing made in 1971,
taken from a photograph dated 1959
Drawing also dated 1971
Reproduced here by permission of
Mrs Elizabeth Woodcock (aka Liz Hayward)

More recent views of the remains

View from the north - 1980s View from the south - 1980s View from the west - 1980s View from the north - 1990
The ruins from the path - 2003 View from the north - 2003 View from the south - eastern end - 2003 View from the south - western end - 2003

Here and below, 1980s photographs are by Aubrey Elliot of Darlton, 1990 photographs are by Vic Hall of Retford.

Photographs showing the Coloured Decorative Tracery

(Revealed when later masonry collapsed)
Photograph 1980s - Detail Photograph 1980s - Detail Photograph 1980s - Showing extent of tracery Photograph 1980s
Photograph 2003 - Detail Photograph 2003 - Detail Photograph 2003 Photograph 2003 - Showing
collapsed infill in arch at
west end of north wall

Other details

Grave slab with figure of
a priest - photograph 1980s
Detail of grave slab
of priest - 1980s
North door opening - 2003 Window opening - 2003