Egmanton Our Lady of Egmanton


Map of the churchyard in 1915
Reproduced with the
permission of the
National Library of Scotland

The church and the motte
and bailey castle
from the north-west

The churchyard surrounds the church on all sides and covers an area of 0.3 hectares (0.7 acres).

The churchyard is irregular in shape; to the north and west are straight boundaries with the adjoining properties, but to the east and south the boundaries follow a curving line along the road. The church is positioned towards the south with burials on all sides. To the north-west is a motte-and-bailey castle probably of 11th century date and it is entirely possible that the churchyard occupies part of the outer bailey of this castle.

A Grade II listed late 17th century sundial is situated to the south of the south transept. The inscription on its base reads:


The World War I war memorial is also located in the churchyard, near the east window.