Bunny St Mary

Features and Fittings

The old font The newer font


There are currently two fonts in the church.

There is an ancient font at the west end of the north aisle. It was dug out of a field in Bunny Moors and had been used as a drinking trough for cattle. The following comment about the font is made in a glass frame attached to one of the pillars near the font:

This ancient font was discovered in fragmentary form on Bunny Moor. Under the direction of Mr William Wier of the Architects Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings. It was repaired and re-leaded and set up on its present base. It was re-dedicated on June 6th 1912 by Bishop of Derby. The font is generally considered to be 11th century work. It is possible that it was the original font of this church

Sherman G.C Anderson Vicar

A historian in 1886 made this comment about another font:

The font at the west end consisted of a slender marble shaft supporting a shallow basin.

This font was presented to a London church by the Vicar at the time, so Bunny at one time had three fonts.

The pulpitPulpit

A new pulpit desk was given by Dr R H Cordeux

The lecternLectern

The lectern is in memory of Mrs Wilkinson Smith.

Prayer Desk

A prayer desk is in memory of Mr Walter Smeeton, a former churchwarden.

Other Items

Wooden chest Royal Coat of Arms
of George III, 1803
Clock face inside
the church